Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mickey's phrases

We are having a language explosion here. It is really fun to hear Mickey learning language. We are trying to teach Mickey 3 basic phrases "Please, Thank You, Sorry". It is actually a song from, we love Alex, Leah, Hopkins and Rachel in our House! Anyway, Mickey is still learning when you should use such phrases. She would say, "Tank you" whenever she handed you something. Over her birthday weekend she figured it out and now says "tank you" whenever you give her something. She says "please" whenever she wants something really bad, it's a start. And now is "I sorry", which she is using whenever she falls.

Another phrase that just makes me giggle every time I hear it is... "oooo, wowie". If anything excites her this is what she says. It could be a book or a piece of cheese. But if she is excited this is what you will hear. When we put up the Christmas tree she said, "oooo, wowie, a tree". She was so impressed that there was a tree right here in her living room. Oh, to have the sense of wonder that a child has!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

What I have learned

Today, my baby turns 2! Yikes. I remember 2 years ago being so frightened of becoming a mom. Not knowing what the road up ahead was going to be. I remember being in the hospital thinking “I am not ready to be a mom.” Then the pains came and I don’t remember much of what was going on. I just remember that I just wanted to give birth to this little girl.

Then I saw her. She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. She was perfect in every way. I was still frightened and needed reassurance that I was going to do this “Mom” thing okay. I remember taking her home and thinking that I wasn’t ready to be on my own yet. She was dependent on me for everything and I wasn’t quite sure if what I was doing was the “right” thing to do. But we survived and this little bitty baby taught me that I was her mom and that she trusted me to take care of her. There were times when all that she wanted was me and just me being there was all the comfort that she needed.

My baby taught me that all the things that I thought I would do as a parent would go right out the window and my true “parenting style” would become apparent. I wouldn’t find my style in any books or viewpoints but from my own heart knowing that was the right thing for me and my baby. I would eventually find “like minded” parents, but I know that we are all as different as our children are different.

My baby has taught me that her need and ability to be independent is strongly dependent on how much she can depend on me. I am there when she needs me and so she can trust that she can go and explore the world and I will be right here watching her and if needed there to give her a hug and reassurance to try again. She has given me great joy to watch her be independent and strong and willing to try anything, (even if it scares Momma).

I have learned that I would have never been ready to be a mom and I am so glad that I am a mom. Every day is a new experience and new adventures to be had and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I have learned that sleep was something to be had in my past and when I get a good stretch of sleep I am grateful. I have learned great joy in slobbery kisses, bear hugs, sheer excitement over something new, and having fun just being silly. I have also learned how to make countless animal sounds (everywhere and anywhere without embarrassment). I have learned that I may have frazzled days, but I just need to tell people I am a mom of a 2 year old and people understand. I have learned that I am momma to my baby and no one else can be.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mickey's 2nd Year Review

I thought I would share with you Mickey's 2nd year montage. Just thought I would warn you that it is a little long, but I am sure you will enjoy it. I figure I would post it a little early, since i am sure that the next few days will be crazy, crazy! Make sure you turn up the volume so you can hear the songs.... Enjoy!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Right after Thanksgiving Grandpa came to visit. I think that they both had a good time getting to know each other.

Just wanted to send out a Happy Birthday wish to him today!

Birthday Buddies....

Mickey has a friend who is her birthday buddy, sort of. He was born 6 days after her.

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So last night we had a birthday celebration. It was tons of fun. I taught his dad how to make tacos and we had a great meal.

Mickey with her balloon
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I tried my attempt on making a Curious George Monkey cake. I think it looks kind of goofy, but it tasted good and the kids loved it!

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The kids also got to open gifts. I got the kids matching t-shirts that said Best Friends with their name on it. You can see it the picture of her buddy. He got some puzzles.... and Mickey got a fairy tea set. Oh she loved it...
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It was a fun night. I can't believe that in just a few short days my little girl is 2! Yikes. I am looking forward to seeing what the new year brings us!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa, how good is good????

A friend of mine, Katie and her little boy Nicholas, and I decided to take the kids to see Santa. Not that I am a big fan of Santa, I just thought it would be a fun outing. So we went. My little girl decided that she was not going to sit on Santa's lap. So we took a group picture. I kind of like it because it is two mommy friends and our kids who have a love/hate relationship! Here is the picture.....

Even though Mikaylin didn't have a good time sitting on Santa's lap, she did have a blast at the whole event. She had fun singing on stage. She also spent time trying to get an extra candy cane from Santa's Elves. Which brings me to the question at hand, "How good is good?" Does stealing candy canes from Santa's Elves qualify as bad? Don't worry, she just tried to take the canes.... momma stepped in and stopped her from actually stealing them. Although I am sure that she wanted to.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Bed

My little girl continues to show me how much she wants to be a big girl. I have always put her to sleep by rocking her or holding her. This last week my child has decided that she wants to go to sleep on her own. Which is great! She is learning and doesn't always figure out how to go to sleep without momma holding her. But she does have one phrase down, "MY BED". When asked if she wants momma to rock her or her bed, her response is "My bed".
I know that this is a good step and one headed in the right direction, however, it is a long process. Also one that continues to show me that she is growing up and is not my "baby" anymore. It is so fun and exciting to see her learn and grow up, but it is also difficult to see my baby not be a baby anymore. Somehow I don't think that this gets any easier only more difficult with each new sense of independence. I suppose that this is what it is like to be a parent.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Here is some Holiday Cheer!

Thanks Cheryl for sending us this link. I just had to try it... so here we are Elfed. Here is the link

Thursday, December 6, 2007

2 Already????

I can't believe that my little girl is getting so big and will be 2 at the end of the month. Can we possibly stop time?? Just thought I share this picture of my growing little girl with you.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy 23rd Month

Mikaylin is 23 months! I can't believe that she will be turning 2 in just a few short weeks. Where does the time go??? I will be updating her website soon and giving you the full scoop on how this month went.... but I thought I would share the pictures with you! Enjoy

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the day with your families. We are getting ready to eat Turkey dinner, yummy! My grandmother sent this beautiful dress to Mickey so I thought I would share with everyone a picture of my very precious little girl.
I am so thankful to have the day with my husband and my little girl. God has truly blessed me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fish Babies

It has been a couple of months since we got our fish tank up and running. I have always liked fish and they have been a great enjoyment to Mickey. She loves to go and watch them, point at the them and say "Pish, pish".

Jeff and I were talking the other day about not knowing if we have male or female fish. I have personally never thought about the gender of fish. I also never thought that we could potentially have baby fish.

So I am sitting there looking at the fish tank after I feed them and guess what?! We have baby fish. 5 baby fish to be exact. The pet store told us that they probably won't survive. But so far they are doing great. I have never seen something so tiny before. They are really cute. I would show you a picture just don't think that I could get a picture of them.

Now Mickey says "Pish, Baby Pish". How cute is that??

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just like Uncle Dave

Mickey is getting to that age where she has her own opinions on what she wears. I am told that she is a lot like my brother Dave, who from about 2 would only wear what he liked nothing else. When we were kids he would look at me and ask "are you sure you are wearing THAT?" I hope that Mickey won't go to far that direction.

If we put on her Dora pj's we will see her in the top the next day, just refuses to take it off. The other day, I put on some clothes she took them right off. So I asked her to find some clothes to wear so we can go swing. She found her summer dress and I added the sweats and she picked out the shoes. She looks rather cute doesn't she???

Oh, and yesterday I was going to put on this really cute skirt and top. Ugh, she would have nothing to do with it. She cried and cried and pulled at her shirt until we took it off. Once her shirt was off she promptly took off her skirt. Maybe she is heading towards the direction of Uncle Dave???

Friday, November 9, 2007

Swimming in November??

Monday Jeff had an unexpected day off so Mikaylin and Daddy went swimming. They are both water bugs. Mickey is getting rather comfortable in the water. She even went under water a few times on her own. Since we have an indoor pool, I think that daddy and Mickey will go back to the pool.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What does Momma say....

Jeff sent me a youtube video today. Click here to see it... It had me laughing because I can so relate!

I can totally hear Mickey say "no,no,no". I found her with her best friend "Naynay" the other day, saying "no, no, no" with her finger pointed at her. Sandy gets into the most trouble because she sometimes forgets to listen. Mickey is just imitating me I suppose. :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ee air aaa & Naynay

Mickey just loves her buddies Ee air aaa (Sierra) and Naynay (Sandy). She spends a lot of her day playing with them and interacting with them or trying to sleep on them.

Every night before bedtime we do story time. This is one of her favorite times of the day. The other night the dogs were in to join us for this special time. We were reading and then all of a sudden Mickey takes her favorite books (of the night) and heads towards Sierra. She opens her books and shows them to Sierra and begins pointing to the different things on the page and naming them for Sierra. I suppose that this time she was reading to Sierra since before she has wanted to Sierra and Sierra just gives her a blank look.

Also a part of our nighttime routine, Daddy and Mickey go outside to say goodnight to the moon and the stars. Lately Mickey has been calling for "Ee air aa, Naynay" to say "bye, bye". I am so thankful that she has these two special four legged friends in her life.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Dress Up Fun!

Mickey got dressed up as a monkey a couple of times this past week. She wasn't so sure she wanted to put on the monkey costume. But she did and I think that she had a blast!The first place we went to was at our local rec center. This is where Mickey got the most perfect treat. Amazing it wasn't a piece or chocolate. It was a pony ride. A few weeks ago, we tried to get her to ride one of those mechanical ponies, no go. But this night it was the real deal. She thought about it once or twice and then went for it. She liked it so much we did it a second time.

Then we got dressed up and went to her music class. All the kiddos got in on the treat! She didn't stay long in her costume since it was a little hot to run around and dance in.

Then we went to was the Animal Ball. They had stuff to make instruments to take home, she got to make ears to wear and a lady drew her picture in a face of a lion. It turned out amazing! Mickey even got to meet her friendly librarian at the Ball, where she got to see a puppet or two.
The last place we went was a church function. There Mickey got to play with bubbles and make her own cookie! What a treat. She also played a few games and took home candy (that daddy and I will probably eat!).

Oh, we also went trick or treating at our neighbor ladies house. That was fun.

So all in all we had a good time. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I wanna be like you

Both daddy & I wear glasses. So one day we went into the Eye Masters to look for glasses. Mickey found some that were her size. She did not want to take them off! She is always wanting to do just what we are doing. I find her with our stuff pretending to use it just like us.

Thinking about how much she wants to be like me, reminds me that I need to live a life that is worthy of her to copy. That is a huge responsibility.

Friday, October 5, 2007

A day at the Fair

Our fair is going on this week and we were able to go to the opening day. It is so different going to the fair as a momma. I never used to go see the animals, but as a momma that is what I went to show Mickey. She loves animals. She reads all sorts of books and can make all sort of animal noises, but she hasn't meet many of them face to face. That has all changed. We spent the day (part in the morning and part in the afternoon, if you noticed the change of clothes). The cows and horses were a little overwhelming, but then again they were huge to a little toddler! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Telling Daddy about the Geese

The Ducks
Her absolute favorite of the day!

Meeting the Grand Champion Cow.
She had the opportunity to sit on it, but got a little freaked out!

Playing a Game "catch the duck"

On our way home

Couldn't make it home awake!

Potty Update

We finally made the transition to the potty being a potty rather than a hat! Yay!!! She is getting the hang of actually using the potty, which is a great thing! She has been emptying her bladder which is great for mom. I am not really sure how the potty stop being a hat... but hey, I am not going to rock the boat!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Day at the Maze

We went to one of the two corn mazes in our area. Here is one with Mickey with a pumpkin. She did not like the hay on her legs. But you wouldn't know that from the picture we got.

Mickey loved the slide. She went down about 20 times or so. She kept coming off the slide with Daddy. Can't you see the excitement on her face.

What's in a Name??

This past weekend Grammie Syl came to visit. You have to know that Grammie Syl is one of Mickey's favorite people! We have been working on names so we were working on Grammie's name. We pointed to Grammie and asked Mickey "what's her name?". Mickey promptly answered, "MINE". I believed that was music to Grammie's ears!

This picture was taken when Grammie had to leave to go back home. Notice the cat and sparky in Mickey's arms. She is planning on leaving with "Grammie Mine" or at least holding on so that she changes her mind on leaving her behind.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Potty or a Hat??

A few weeks ago, we bought a potty. We thought we may be close to potty training. Somehow, I don't think that Mickey could care less. However, she found that the potty makes a pretty good hat. Now my struggle is how to make it a potty and not good for putting on her head. When I put the potty part back in her potty chair, she takes it out and looks at me like I am crazy for taking her fun hat away. Any suggestions???

Monday, September 10, 2007

Cookies & A Monkey

Yesterday we went to town and picked up a Monkey costume. We are not sure it won't be too hot to wear for Halloween around our neck of the woods.... but we couldn't resist. At first Mickey wasn't too happy to put on the monkey outfit. So I let it set there and tried again today. This time Mickey loved the outfit and isn't she just too cute???? Okay, I may be bias, but I love these pictures. She also had to kiss herself when she saw her image in the mirror.

We also did our first adventure in cookie making from scratch. It was fun. I measured all the ingredients before we went to the table to put them all together. I am not sure she knew what we were doing. She had to taste the sugar and butter together... mmmmmm who could resist that???? She helped put the cookies on the cookie sheet and take it to the oven to help momma. We made oatmeal cookies. It is going to be a fun surprise when daddy gets home.

I am the cutest Monkey ever!

Look I am making cookies!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Day At the Park

Today we went to the park with our friends, Katie and her son Nicholas. We had a grand ol' time. The kids ran all over the park on the grass, feed the ducks and of course played on the slide.

Can I tell you again that my child is a daredevil? I was getting my camera out to take a few pictures and the next thing that I knew was my child was going head first down the slide. She LOVED IT! She loved it so much she did it over and over and over again. I am so glad that she has this side to her, even though it makes my heart beat a bit faster when she goes outside of my comfort zone.

Mickey goes down head first!!
Can you see the excitement??

Our friend Nicholas.
Isn't he the cutest??