Saturday, July 7, 2007

Errands & Pancakes

Now most of you know that Mickey doesn't say momma. Or hasn't since she first said her first word. She loves to say "daddy" and sign "daddy". She even loves to sign and say "dog". But momma she refuses to say or sign.


Last night. I had to go out for a short errand and Mickey stayed home with Daddy. I was only gone an hour at the most. When I got home, Daddy & Mickey were sitting on the front porch and my daughter lit up. I made a big fuse over her. And to my surprise, my little girl says "momma". I got so excited.

Then this morning....

We were in the kitchen making pancakes. She is singing to herself and I hear "Mommy".

Now I don't think that I need to tell you how big of a smile I am wearing today. Who knew that going on a errand and making pancakes were the incentive to hear my precious name out of Mickey's lips.

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  1. Angela, I loved this story! Cheryl told me about your blog today - I love it. Hearing your child call you is an experience that is near the top of all the best I've had. I'm looking forward to hearing more of what isgoing on in the Howey world! God bless!