Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sweet Dreams

For some babies & toddlers dreamland comes rather easily. They sleep through the night, take naps without any problems. Not my child. She has always had a difficult time with her sleeping. She has to be close and attached.

We have been co-sleeping for awhile now (most of her life). I have also held her during naps. I have tried and tried to make the transition into her own bed and sleeping on her own. For some CIO (Cry it out) and other sleep training methods work... not for us.

This week we moved her big girl bed. The twin bed that momma used when she was in seminary into out room and set up next to our bed. We bought the big girl sheets. She has been sleeping there and doing great!

Today, she awoke during her nap. Looked at me and signed more, while whimpering a little. I thought she needed something to drink. No she needed "more" sleep. Yay!!!

I guess we are making progress....

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  1. Hang in there!!! Any progress towards more sleep is a Victory!