Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Potty or a Hat??

A few weeks ago, we bought a potty. We thought we may be close to potty training. Somehow, I don't think that Mickey could care less. However, she found that the potty makes a pretty good hat. Now my struggle is how to make it a potty and not good for putting on her head. When I put the potty part back in her potty chair, she takes it out and looks at me like I am crazy for taking her fun hat away. Any suggestions???

Monday, September 10, 2007

Cookies & A Monkey

Yesterday we went to town and picked up a Monkey costume. We are not sure it won't be too hot to wear for Halloween around our neck of the woods.... but we couldn't resist. At first Mickey wasn't too happy to put on the monkey outfit. So I let it set there and tried again today. This time Mickey loved the outfit and isn't she just too cute???? Okay, I may be bias, but I love these pictures. She also had to kiss herself when she saw her image in the mirror.

We also did our first adventure in cookie making from scratch. It was fun. I measured all the ingredients before we went to the table to put them all together. I am not sure she knew what we were doing. She had to taste the sugar and butter together... mmmmmm who could resist that???? She helped put the cookies on the cookie sheet and take it to the oven to help momma. We made oatmeal cookies. It is going to be a fun surprise when daddy gets home.

I am the cutest Monkey ever!

Look I am making cookies!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Day At the Park

Today we went to the park with our friends, Katie and her son Nicholas. We had a grand ol' time. The kids ran all over the park on the grass, feed the ducks and of course played on the slide.

Can I tell you again that my child is a daredevil? I was getting my camera out to take a few pictures and the next thing that I knew was my child was going head first down the slide. She LOVED IT! She loved it so much she did it over and over and over again. I am so glad that she has this side to her, even though it makes my heart beat a bit faster when she goes outside of my comfort zone.

Mickey goes down head first!!
Can you see the excitement??

Our friend Nicholas.
Isn't he the cutest??

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mickey's Sweet Voice

Mickey has always been an active girl. She jumps on the trampoline at the gym, she does somersaults on our living room floor.

She said a few words here and there. She had signs for those important words like "all done", daddy, more and dog. She can make the sound for different animals. She has down the elephant, sheep, monkey, cow, henya (ha ha), fish (swish, swish), horse, crocodile (snap, snap).

Lately she has been saying lots of words (I swear that she has been having an explosion of words). My favorites are "more", "Joy"(George as in curious George). the other day she woke up early for a nap and I was trying to help her go back down and she looked at me and said "no more". She wakes up in the morning and says "hi" and then "what's that?". She can ask me "what's that?" what seems like a thousand times a day.

I can tell you all the sounds and words that come out of her mouth. What I can't tell you is how sweet it is to hear her sweet voice making those words. I melt every time I hear her say a word. I even enjoy hearing her say "no". Now I know that in time I won't melt when I hear "no", but I am going to enjoy it while I can.

I am enjoying the sweet, sweet sounds of my little girl.