Monday, September 10, 2007

Cookies & A Monkey

Yesterday we went to town and picked up a Monkey costume. We are not sure it won't be too hot to wear for Halloween around our neck of the woods.... but we couldn't resist. At first Mickey wasn't too happy to put on the monkey outfit. So I let it set there and tried again today. This time Mickey loved the outfit and isn't she just too cute???? Okay, I may be bias, but I love these pictures. She also had to kiss herself when she saw her image in the mirror.

We also did our first adventure in cookie making from scratch. It was fun. I measured all the ingredients before we went to the table to put them all together. I am not sure she knew what we were doing. She had to taste the sugar and butter together... mmmmmm who could resist that???? She helped put the cookies on the cookie sheet and take it to the oven to help momma. We made oatmeal cookies. It is going to be a fun surprise when daddy gets home.

I am the cutest Monkey ever!

Look I am making cookies!!


  1. I couldn't believe she could get any cuter!!!!! Those monkey pictures are awesome!!!!

  2. I have to agree - she is a pretty cute monkey!!