Monday, October 22, 2007

I wanna be like you

Both daddy & I wear glasses. So one day we went into the Eye Masters to look for glasses. Mickey found some that were her size. She did not want to take them off! She is always wanting to do just what we are doing. I find her with our stuff pretending to use it just like us.

Thinking about how much she wants to be like me, reminds me that I need to live a life that is worthy of her to copy. That is a huge responsibility.

Friday, October 5, 2007

A day at the Fair

Our fair is going on this week and we were able to go to the opening day. It is so different going to the fair as a momma. I never used to go see the animals, but as a momma that is what I went to show Mickey. She loves animals. She reads all sorts of books and can make all sort of animal noises, but she hasn't meet many of them face to face. That has all changed. We spent the day (part in the morning and part in the afternoon, if you noticed the change of clothes). The cows and horses were a little overwhelming, but then again they were huge to a little toddler! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Telling Daddy about the Geese

The Ducks
Her absolute favorite of the day!

Meeting the Grand Champion Cow.
She had the opportunity to sit on it, but got a little freaked out!

Playing a Game "catch the duck"

On our way home

Couldn't make it home awake!

Potty Update

We finally made the transition to the potty being a potty rather than a hat! Yay!!! She is getting the hang of actually using the potty, which is a great thing! She has been emptying her bladder which is great for mom. I am not really sure how the potty stop being a hat... but hey, I am not going to rock the boat!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Day at the Maze

We went to one of the two corn mazes in our area. Here is one with Mickey with a pumpkin. She did not like the hay on her legs. But you wouldn't know that from the picture we got.

Mickey loved the slide. She went down about 20 times or so. She kept coming off the slide with Daddy. Can't you see the excitement on her face.

What's in a Name??

This past weekend Grammie Syl came to visit. You have to know that Grammie Syl is one of Mickey's favorite people! We have been working on names so we were working on Grammie's name. We pointed to Grammie and asked Mickey "what's her name?". Mickey promptly answered, "MINE". I believed that was music to Grammie's ears!

This picture was taken when Grammie had to leave to go back home. Notice the cat and sparky in Mickey's arms. She is planning on leaving with "Grammie Mine" or at least holding on so that she changes her mind on leaving her behind.