Friday, October 5, 2007

A day at the Fair

Our fair is going on this week and we were able to go to the opening day. It is so different going to the fair as a momma. I never used to go see the animals, but as a momma that is what I went to show Mickey. She loves animals. She reads all sorts of books and can make all sort of animal noises, but she hasn't meet many of them face to face. That has all changed. We spent the day (part in the morning and part in the afternoon, if you noticed the change of clothes). The cows and horses were a little overwhelming, but then again they were huge to a little toddler! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Telling Daddy about the Geese

The Ducks
Her absolute favorite of the day!

Meeting the Grand Champion Cow.
She had the opportunity to sit on it, but got a little freaked out!

Playing a Game "catch the duck"

On our way home

Couldn't make it home awake!

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  1. Looks like you had tons of fun!! We are heading to a great fair and pumpkin patch next weekend!!