Monday, November 5, 2007

Ee air aaa & Naynay

Mickey just loves her buddies Ee air aaa (Sierra) and Naynay (Sandy). She spends a lot of her day playing with them and interacting with them or trying to sleep on them.

Every night before bedtime we do story time. This is one of her favorite times of the day. The other night the dogs were in to join us for this special time. We were reading and then all of a sudden Mickey takes her favorite books (of the night) and heads towards Sierra. She opens her books and shows them to Sierra and begins pointing to the different things on the page and naming them for Sierra. I suppose that this time she was reading to Sierra since before she has wanted to Sierra and Sierra just gives her a blank look.

Also a part of our nighttime routine, Daddy and Mickey go outside to say goodnight to the moon and the stars. Lately Mickey has been calling for "Ee air aa, Naynay" to say "bye, bye". I am so thankful that she has these two special four legged friends in her life.

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