Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fish Babies

It has been a couple of months since we got our fish tank up and running. I have always liked fish and they have been a great enjoyment to Mickey. She loves to go and watch them, point at the them and say "Pish, pish".

Jeff and I were talking the other day about not knowing if we have male or female fish. I have personally never thought about the gender of fish. I also never thought that we could potentially have baby fish.

So I am sitting there looking at the fish tank after I feed them and guess what?! We have baby fish. 5 baby fish to be exact. The pet store told us that they probably won't survive. But so far they are doing great. I have never seen something so tiny before. They are really cute. I would show you a picture just don't think that I could get a picture of them.

Now Mickey says "Pish, Baby Pish". How cute is that??

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