Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mickey's phrases

We are having a language explosion here. It is really fun to hear Mickey learning language. We are trying to teach Mickey 3 basic phrases "Please, Thank You, Sorry". It is actually a song from, we love Alex, Leah, Hopkins and Rachel in our House! Anyway, Mickey is still learning when you should use such phrases. She would say, "Tank you" whenever she handed you something. Over her birthday weekend she figured it out and now says "tank you" whenever you give her something. She says "please" whenever she wants something really bad, it's a start. And now is "I sorry", which she is using whenever she falls.

Another phrase that just makes me giggle every time I hear it is... "oooo, wowie". If anything excites her this is what she says. It could be a book or a piece of cheese. But if she is excited this is what you will hear. When we put up the Christmas tree she said, "oooo, wowie, a tree". She was so impressed that there was a tree right here in her living room. Oh, to have the sense of wonder that a child has!

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