Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Bed

My little girl continues to show me how much she wants to be a big girl. I have always put her to sleep by rocking her or holding her. This last week my child has decided that she wants to go to sleep on her own. Which is great! She is learning and doesn't always figure out how to go to sleep without momma holding her. But she does have one phrase down, "MY BED". When asked if she wants momma to rock her or her bed, her response is "My bed".
I know that this is a good step and one headed in the right direction, however, it is a long process. Also one that continues to show me that she is growing up and is not my "baby" anymore. It is so fun and exciting to see her learn and grow up, but it is also difficult to see my baby not be a baby anymore. Somehow I don't think that this gets any easier only more difficult with each new sense of independence. I suppose that this is what it is like to be a parent.


  1. Hi Angela. Your post really touched me. I'm having a similar but different experience with my daughter. She is 15 and has her first boyfriend (who is lovely thank the Lord) and wanting to spread her wings and test out the real world. Its so hard to let go and trust that we have taught her right from wrong. I pray everyday that she will grow into the beautiful young woman that we see glimpses of without compromising herself or her beliefs. Its really scary! She was so indepedent and fierce as a toddler and its starting to come out again now. She didn't say "my bed", she said "my do it!" about everything, even the things she couldn't do!
    Best of luck with this rollercoaster ride that is parenthood!

  2. It is bittersweet to see your children grow and take that next step in life. It tugs at my heart almost everyday. That is why I say enjoy EVERY moment.Once that moment is gone, they change and life moves on. Whether you want it to or not.