Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anything can be a Hat

Mickey can make anything into a hat. A bowl from the kitchen or pail from outside can be turned into a hat. Right now she has her favorite hat which is an Elmo basket. She has decided to put it on when she is riding her bike. I think that it is her riding helmet. The only problem is when the eyes cover her own and she can't see a thing. She insistsd that "eyes" be on her eyes. But I just wanted to share with you pictures of her latest hat. What an imaginative, silly girl. I can't wait to see what tomorrow's hat is going to be.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just Like Grammie "Syl"

We love visits from Grammie Syl in our house. Mickey really loves it and one of the first thing she goes for is to look at her necklace and her earrings. Momma doesn't wear them as often as she did in her previous life (Life before Mickey). But Grammie Syl wears them all the time. So that is just what Mickey did when she welcomed Grammie Syl in for the weekend.

When Mickey was born I decided to wait on getting her earrings. I thought I would wait until she was old enough to make the decision herself. Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone ahead and had it done. But now I think that she is too little to do it. I think that she will pull them out or not want them in for the time that is needed to make sure that hole doesn't close.

So we decided to do the next best thing. We went to Claires and bought her very first pair of earrings. They are clip on earrings. And Mickey LOVED them. She had them on as soon as we got out of the store. And didn't take them off until we home for awhile. She just thought that they were the greatest. How fun it is to watch our little ones experience little things in life.

I guess she has a little bit of "girly girl" in her even though getting a dress on her is tough!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am so proud of my "baby" brother Dave and his girlfriend, Flora. They have worked long and hard in their studies. They both are pursuing their PhD in Clinical Psychology. For the last several months they have been traveling the country doing 8 hour interviews in hopes to get a placement. They will have an internship for a year somewhere in the country, but only if they match.

I am so out on Friday that they do have a match.They found found out yesterday where they will be spending the next year of their life. My brother will be packing his bags (yet again) and head off to Salt Lake and Flora will be off to Tacoma. I am so happy for both of them. All of their hard work and preparation has paid off for them.

So Congratulations Future Dr. Dave and Dr. Flora!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phrases Heard at Our House

Since Mickey has been talking so that I can understand her there are phrases that we hear a lot.

"Did you hear that?" -- This is followed by a roar, meow, moo or some other animal sound that Mickey has "heard". Sometimes we also hear "did you see that?".

"No way" -- This is both in the amazement that I can't believe that you just gave me that! and in a there is no way I am going to wear that dress.

"I cry" -- Okay this phrase we don't hear a lot of but when we did we just laughed. Mickey was crying (because she didn't want to go back to sleep) and she decided that since we were not getting her loud crying message clear enough she needed to tell us that she was crying.

"My Bed and Rock You" --- most of the time it is my bed that she wants. But when she is not feeling all that well is it is "Rock you".

"Meow, meow" (sung to the tune isty bisty spider) -- One day we were playing with Mickey's cat. I decided to have cat sing to the tune "Isty bitsy spider" but have the cat "sing". She loved it and sang with me, like a cat. Great idea, right? Well now every now and again you can hear "Meow, meow, meow" and she wants you to sing like a cat to the RIGHT tune. Oh my.

That brings me to Singing. Mickey is always singing some tune whether known or not. She loves to sing LOUD and soft. Music is in her bones, like her kindermusik teacher told me once. I tend to agree. Her favorite songs are "Ants come marching", "I like to eat apples and bananas", "Mister" (Laurie berkner) "Ring around the Rosey", the ABC's and many more that I am forgetting.

Monday, February 18, 2008

There are Days

That feel like this....

or like this...

I sometimes feel like we are in full force in the terrible two's. I now understand why they call these wonderful years "terrible". It seems that we are having more of those days when she is voicing her opinion.

This particular day was when we made a chocolate pie for dessert. Yummy and couldn't possibly wait for after dinner to actually eat it. I just had to pull out the camera to remember our days that are both good and bad.

Our time did end on a good note. She agreed to lick the bowl clean. Which was the offer was to begin with.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Hair

I gave you a sneak peek at my post today. My hair.

When I went home to my mom's I went to get my hair done. I went to a good friend John, who has been cutting my hair since I was 16 or so. LOVE HIM! And did I tell you that I trust him like I trust no other with my hair??

Okay, so he was busy at first doing someone's else hair and Mickey was just exploring. She watched as did other's hair and a lady did a lady's nails. She was having a grand time. Until.....

It was my turn. I got up went to the chair and sat down. John and I started talking about my hair. Did I tell you that I trust him?? Okay, so I said, what I have said in the past, "I don't know what to do with my hair".... with the added statement "Do whatever you want". John, knows me well. So he took my hair and said how about this much. I saw only a couple of inches "That's great!" I didn't see what he was really holding.... a lot more than a couple of inches. So we went to get my hair washed, and my mom is holding Mickey. Mickey is unsure about what is going on but is safe with my mom. So we get back to the chair and John takes a ponytail in his hands and and chops off my hair. My heart stops and I forget to breathe. He tells me "It is so you don't change your mind".

Did I say i trusted this man?? At this point Mickey gets a whiff of the shock in her momma. She is sitting on me as I am getting my hair cut and she is upset. She tells John, bye and tells him no, no. She has had enough of my hair change.

He continues to cut my hair and style it. Mickey goes outside for awhile with my mom but screams when it is time to come back in. She sees momma with new hair look and says, "no, no, bye, bye" and goes back tot he door.

I am still in shock. Not doing so well, when my child is not liking my new look. At this point John looks at me and tells me "Look she is 2, and I am the professional, TRUST ME"

He gets done with my hair and I love it, even though I am still quite stunned. I have never had my hair anywhere near this short ever. But I am really enjoying the new look and the ease of doing my hair. It is incredibly easy and doesn't take much time at all. So yes, John, I trust you!

That night

This morning

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Day Out

Daddy's day off also equals Momma's day out. Out of the house with the family. Most of the time it is to run errands, see something special. Our last day out was a simple day. We went to the Farmers Market, although hardly any vendors were out. We found a good burger joint, and decided we would try it out. We had a good time and got a few pictures to share.

Daddy & Mickey Enjoying some Lemonade
Momma's New Hair
(that is a whole other story... Will share sometimes soon I promise!)
Sparky has to have some drink too!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mickey & Grammie

or is it Grammie Syl or just plain ol' Syl?

We went to Grammie's house this weekend. Mickey and Grammie just love to be around each other. They have tons of fun and I get a bit of a break. One night we got out the big ball and they had a blast. Grammie was teaching her how to bounce it.

One night I was putting Mickey down for bed and she stood up and cried for "Syl". Apparently she is skipping the Grammie part and going to call her by just Syl. I have tried and tried to get her to say Grammie but it is just not coming out. At least she is moving up from the time she just called her "mine".

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All Dressed Up

My little girl loves to voice her opinions. She especially voices her opinions when she is getting dressed. Yes, she wants to wear that (usually sweat pants and a t-shirt) and no, she doesn't want to wear that (usually something dressy). Ugh.

It seems lately her opinions have been getting louder and more fighting going on. This weekend we went to my mom's and I brought along a very pretty dress that she got for Christmas/Birthday. I thought I also brought a pair of jeans that she could wear with a nice sweater. Well in the midst of packing I forgot to include the pair of jeans which meant that she didn't get a choice in what to wear. You would have thought that she was being beaten within a inch of her life by the way she was carrying on. She was okay while I put on her shirt, long socks (tights) and shoes, but when I pulled out the dress she freaked out. She was upset for a little while but then got over it.

Here are a few pictures of my little girl all dressed up. Don't you like the dress that her Auntie Lin gave her? I do.... now the question is will I get her in it again?? I hope so....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bathtime and Sparky

Those of you that know Mickey know that she has a great love in her life, it is her dog "Sparky". There is little that we can do without beloved Sparky in tow. But we draw the line at taking baths with Sparky. Until one night last week.

Daddy put Mickey in her bed until bath time was over. That is when I heard loud wailing coming from the bedroom. I got up to investigate the matter. I find Mickey hiding behind a chair on top of Sparky holding on to him for dear life. Oh my! So I picked her up and explained how Sparky cannot go into the bath with her. You can see the wheels turning in her head. Then daddy came out to ask if I could help get her into the tub. We were distracted talking to each other. That is when Mickey made the great escape! She ran into the bathroom and threw Sparky into the bath with her. And then she turned and looked at me like see I told you he would be okay in the bath tub!

Now what do I do then?? I left him in the tub with her and she took her bath with him. She had a blast. Sparky went into the drier right after the bath and that made little Miss Mickey upset!

I knew that we would go threw separation anxiety with Momma and Daddy, but Sparky, no I did not expect that.