Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All Dressed Up

My little girl loves to voice her opinions. She especially voices her opinions when she is getting dressed. Yes, she wants to wear that (usually sweat pants and a t-shirt) and no, she doesn't want to wear that (usually something dressy). Ugh.

It seems lately her opinions have been getting louder and more fighting going on. This weekend we went to my mom's and I brought along a very pretty dress that she got for Christmas/Birthday. I thought I also brought a pair of jeans that she could wear with a nice sweater. Well in the midst of packing I forgot to include the pair of jeans which meant that she didn't get a choice in what to wear. You would have thought that she was being beaten within a inch of her life by the way she was carrying on. She was okay while I put on her shirt, long socks (tights) and shoes, but when I pulled out the dress she freaked out. She was upset for a little while but then got over it.

Here are a few pictures of my little girl all dressed up. Don't you like the dress that her Auntie Lin gave her? I do.... now the question is will I get her in it again?? I hope so....

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  1. Good thing you got pictures! Good luck with that battle. Julia hasn't reached that stage yet, YIPEE! And Isaac, he could care less, but he prefers overalls.