Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anything can be a Hat

Mickey can make anything into a hat. A bowl from the kitchen or pail from outside can be turned into a hat. Right now she has her favorite hat which is an Elmo basket. She has decided to put it on when she is riding her bike. I think that it is her riding helmet. The only problem is when the eyes cover her own and she can't see a thing. She insistsd that "eyes" be on her eyes. But I just wanted to share with you pictures of her latest hat. What an imaginative, silly girl. I can't wait to see what tomorrow's hat is going to be.


  1. What adorable pictures!! I feel like I know you so well from all your posts, but I still with our girls could get together and play!!

  2. I meant, "I feel like I know Mikaylin so well from the posts but I still wish our girls could get together and play" forgive me, I am sick and not thinking very clearly!!

  3. I wish that they could get together and play too. Can you imagine the fun they would have?? I think we would have a lot of fun too.