Monday, February 4, 2008

Bathtime and Sparky

Those of you that know Mickey know that she has a great love in her life, it is her dog "Sparky". There is little that we can do without beloved Sparky in tow. But we draw the line at taking baths with Sparky. Until one night last week.

Daddy put Mickey in her bed until bath time was over. That is when I heard loud wailing coming from the bedroom. I got up to investigate the matter. I find Mickey hiding behind a chair on top of Sparky holding on to him for dear life. Oh my! So I picked her up and explained how Sparky cannot go into the bath with her. You can see the wheels turning in her head. Then daddy came out to ask if I could help get her into the tub. We were distracted talking to each other. That is when Mickey made the great escape! She ran into the bathroom and threw Sparky into the bath with her. And then she turned and looked at me like see I told you he would be okay in the bath tub!

Now what do I do then?? I left him in the tub with her and she took her bath with him. She had a blast. Sparky went into the drier right after the bath and that made little Miss Mickey upset!

I knew that we would go threw separation anxiety with Momma and Daddy, but Sparky, no I did not expect that.

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  1. What a funny and all too familiar story! Julia is just now getting to where she will leave her bunny in her bed during the day and not throw a fit when we can't take it along somewhere with us. She too has gone nuts when it is time for bunny to get a bath (washer and dryer) It is funny how attached they get to things.