Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just Like Grammie "Syl"

We love visits from Grammie Syl in our house. Mickey really loves it and one of the first thing she goes for is to look at her necklace and her earrings. Momma doesn't wear them as often as she did in her previous life (Life before Mickey). But Grammie Syl wears them all the time. So that is just what Mickey did when she welcomed Grammie Syl in for the weekend.

When Mickey was born I decided to wait on getting her earrings. I thought I would wait until she was old enough to make the decision herself. Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone ahead and had it done. But now I think that she is too little to do it. I think that she will pull them out or not want them in for the time that is needed to make sure that hole doesn't close.

So we decided to do the next best thing. We went to Claires and bought her very first pair of earrings. They are clip on earrings. And Mickey LOVED them. She had them on as soon as we got out of the store. And didn't take them off until we home for awhile. She just thought that they were the greatest. How fun it is to watch our little ones experience little things in life.

I guess she has a little bit of "girly girl" in her even though getting a dress on her is tough!

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