Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Hair

I gave you a sneak peek at my post today. My hair.

When I went home to my mom's I went to get my hair done. I went to a good friend John, who has been cutting my hair since I was 16 or so. LOVE HIM! And did I tell you that I trust him like I trust no other with my hair??

Okay, so he was busy at first doing someone's else hair and Mickey was just exploring. She watched as did other's hair and a lady did a lady's nails. She was having a grand time. Until.....

It was my turn. I got up went to the chair and sat down. John and I started talking about my hair. Did I tell you that I trust him?? Okay, so I said, what I have said in the past, "I don't know what to do with my hair".... with the added statement "Do whatever you want". John, knows me well. So he took my hair and said how about this much. I saw only a couple of inches "That's great!" I didn't see what he was really holding.... a lot more than a couple of inches. So we went to get my hair washed, and my mom is holding Mickey. Mickey is unsure about what is going on but is safe with my mom. So we get back to the chair and John takes a ponytail in his hands and and chops off my hair. My heart stops and I forget to breathe. He tells me "It is so you don't change your mind".

Did I say i trusted this man?? At this point Mickey gets a whiff of the shock in her momma. She is sitting on me as I am getting my hair cut and she is upset. She tells John, bye and tells him no, no. She has had enough of my hair change.

He continues to cut my hair and style it. Mickey goes outside for awhile with my mom but screams when it is time to come back in. She sees momma with new hair look and says, "no, no, bye, bye" and goes back tot he door.

I am still in shock. Not doing so well, when my child is not liking my new look. At this point John looks at me and tells me "Look she is 2, and I am the professional, TRUST ME"

He gets done with my hair and I love it, even though I am still quite stunned. I have never had my hair anywhere near this short ever. But I am really enjoying the new look and the ease of doing my hair. It is incredibly easy and doesn't take much time at all. So yes, John, I trust you!

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  1. That hair cut is adorable on you!! Good thing you trusted him. It is a perfect style for you. LOVE IT!!!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence!