Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phrases Heard at Our House

Since Mickey has been talking so that I can understand her there are phrases that we hear a lot.

"Did you hear that?" -- This is followed by a roar, meow, moo or some other animal sound that Mickey has "heard". Sometimes we also hear "did you see that?".

"No way" -- This is both in the amazement that I can't believe that you just gave me that! and in a there is no way I am going to wear that dress.

"I cry" -- Okay this phrase we don't hear a lot of but when we did we just laughed. Mickey was crying (because she didn't want to go back to sleep) and she decided that since we were not getting her loud crying message clear enough she needed to tell us that she was crying.

"My Bed and Rock You" --- most of the time it is my bed that she wants. But when she is not feeling all that well is it is "Rock you".

"Meow, meow" (sung to the tune isty bisty spider) -- One day we were playing with Mickey's cat. I decided to have cat sing to the tune "Isty bitsy spider" but have the cat "sing". She loved it and sang with me, like a cat. Great idea, right? Well now every now and again you can hear "Meow, meow, meow" and she wants you to sing like a cat to the RIGHT tune. Oh my.

That brings me to Singing. Mickey is always singing some tune whether known or not. She loves to sing LOUD and soft. Music is in her bones, like her kindermusik teacher told me once. I tend to agree. Her favorite songs are "Ants come marching", "I like to eat apples and bananas", "Mister" (Laurie berkner) "Ring around the Rosey", the ABC's and many more that I am forgetting.

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