Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cowboy Days

As promised I will tell you about our fun outing on Sunday. We went to Cowboy Days at the Farm and Ranch museum. Funny thing is, I don't think that I ever knew that this place existed. So I was pleasantly surprised to find all the animals that they had for us to see. I think that one of my favorite parts was watching the "working dog" work the sheep. It was amazing to me how they do their jobs and want to work.

We also so long horn cattle up close, I never how huge these guys were. We went to the day to have a pony ride for Mickey, however, the pony was huge so we settled for a stagecoach ride. Mickey really enjoyed this, especially since we had just watched the Backyardigans episode where Pablo got to ride in a stagecoach on his way to catch a butterfly. So she was thrilled.

Overall we had a great day. Mickey has been talking about the cows and the horses ever since.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from out outing...

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  1. How fun!! I love going on outings like that with the kids. It is fun watching them experience something new.