Monday, March 3, 2008

Friendly Competition

Jeff and I are pretty competitive with each other. So when I challenged him to a game of Scrabulous we were up for the challenge. Let me just say from the start of this that Jeff is by far the better speller and knows far more words than I do. He has always been a step or two ahead of me! And I am okay with that. Until we started our friendly game...... We were playing our games and he would beat me and beat me and beat me. Oh I was getting frustrated. Then it happened, I won one. Boy did that feel good. Then I got on a winning streak. Then Jeff was getting frustrated and low and behold he won one. I would venture to say now that we are both even competitors and we are having a fun time with our new outlet to compete.

PS Thank you to Elena, Jessy & Dara for playing with me and introducing me to this game!

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