Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grammie Rose

Last Saturday was my grandmother's birthday. I won't tell her age, since as far as I know she is still 29 years old. :)

Mickey is named for her. One of her middle names is Rose. When deciding to name Mickey I wanted to honor someone in my family that was special to me and decided that to be my grandmother.

I love her. She is an incredibly hard working woman who raised 4 children who I also admire. We were close even when I was a little girl. I remember her coming to visit us (we always lived away from her), and I would go into her room as everyone was asleep and we would lie in bed talking away. My grandfather was asleep snoring away as we talked the night away.

My grandmother would also give me her advice on how to live my life. My most heard advice was "don't let any man stop you from getting your education". She values education even though she was unable to continue hers. Her father died when she was a young girl (I think just barely a teenager) so her responsibilities went to taking care of her family. I know that she gave her advice to the boys in my family but I don't think it was the same that she gave to her eldest granddaughter.

We have not always seen eye to eye. And sometimes have grown angry with one another. I think that our relationship is better for it. We respect each other and don't stay angry with one another. Which for that I am thankful.

After my dearly loved grandfather passed away in 94' we spent lots of time looking at pictures. Those are probably my most treasured times with her. I learned so much about family history and where I came from. I learned about her early relationship with my grandfather how they became married. I needed to hear those stories almost as much as she needed to tell them.

I hope Mickey learns to be as strong and as kind as her great grandmother.

1st picture of my grandmother when my mom was in high school.
2nd picture my great grandmother (Gramma Chole) Grammie Rose, Grammie Syl (My mom) and me.
3rd picture Grammie Rose, Grammie Syl and Mickey when she was 3 months old.

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