Monday, March 3, 2008

I like to cancel please

I am sitting me here listening to Jeff try to cancel our lingo service. It is actually quite hilarious.

First let me give you some background information. Lingo is a phone service that is through the internet (or something like that). We don't use it and so we decided to cancel. So a few months ago Jeff calls and he downgraded our service so we can receive calls and can dial 911. Fine, but we still we were not using it. So he called today to try to get them to cancel....

He tried 6 different times, on the phone, in writing just trying to get them to cancel. Nada, it didn't work. He was given the run around, saying you have to do cancel online, you can't cancel over the phone, writing isn't good enough you will need to call us so we can cancel. So he tries one last (or so we thought) tonight. Here is the conversation:

Jeff: My number is ----- I would like to cancel.
Miguel: (Lingo guy) You are within the 10 days of being billed so you will be charged anyway for this month.
Jeff: Even though I am not using the service you will still charge me??
Miguel: Yes,
Jeff: Can you go ahead and cancel my service?

Miguel: yes but we will charge you

(Talk about charging without service)

Miguel: I can give you a free month
Jeff: But I don't use the service
Miguel: Yes, but I can give you a free month
Jeff: So you can give me a free month and I can cancel anytime during this month and not be charged?
Miguel: Yes..

Jeff: So I can hang up and call you right back and cancel?
Miguel: Yes

So he hangs up and calls back in 5 minutes

Jeff: Hello I would like to cancel my service, did I just talk to you?
Miguel: Yes,
Jeff: Guess what I would like to do?
Miguel: I was hoping you wouldn't call it will hurt my stats
Jeff: So do you want me to hang up and call tomorrow
Miguel: No
Jeff: So i would like to cancel.

Ugh... it is finally done. We are free of lingo. Yay!

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