Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh the joys of potty training....

We have made some progress in the arena of potty training. Not as fast as the momma who has to change all the diapers would like, but we are making progress nonetheless. We have moved on from the stage 1 -- being to scared of the potty to even sit on it. Yay!

We are currently in the midst of stage 2 -- Can't stand to be wet or dirty so instead of going to the potty I will just take the diaper off and leave it somewhere. She will tell me sometimes, "diaper change". But not as often as I would like, but hey we are still moving forward. I don't fully understand why she has more desire to tell me she has to go to the potty or change her diaper when we are in bed getting ready to sleep. Actually I do, it is an attempt to delay the going to sleep process for as long as possible. These little ones are too smart for their own good sometimes.

We had a great success this morning. She woke up and told me that she had to go potty. I wasn't real hopeful since we have been sitting on the potty without actually going. But on to the bathroom we went. She promptly went pee and then looked in her potty and declared "wowie!". She got a stamp of a duck on her hand and tummy and she was just excited!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures from one of potty experiences a few days ago. Don't worry nothing was in the potty when she was looking in it.

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  1. Potty Training - ugh!! I am about to go down that road with Julia. I am trying to wait until after we have moved but if we don't get a contract soon I guess we will go ahead and start.NOT looking forward to it!!