Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I can't believe it

but Mickey put on a skirt today. I have been changing how we go about putting on clothes and it seems to be helping both parties involved. I go into her room and pick out 2 shirts and 2 bottoms (sometimes one of those choices are skirts). I picked up both skirts that had be discarded from previous days this week. And asked her which one she wanted to wear. She choose one. I can't believe it and knew you wouldn't either so I took pictures of her in her skirt. The shirt she choose all on her own. Doesn't she look cute?!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Labor of Love

In the time most commonly referred to B.C. (before child), Jeff and I would find a project that we would conquer together. I pride myself in being able to handle tools like the drill or my favorite the sander. Jeff and I would work together and get whatever project that we had in mind finished. But like I said that was B.C.

"Our" latest project is a outdoor play set. It has swings, a slide, a fort, a sandbox and the very important slide. It is great... or so it will be once it is finished. My loving hubby has spent is day off in the hot sun putting together a labor intensive project.... alone. I tried to help him earlier in the day and well it just didn't go well. Mickey, being a very curious 2 year old wanted to look at all the screws, the wrenches and wanted to help put together things that, well, are much to dangerous for her to help with. So I came inside while my hubby stayed outside working by himself. At one point he got help from our neighbor across the street.

So sometime this afternoon, Mickey is going to have a swing set that her daddy put together for her. I would call this a labor of love. He would do this for no one else but his precious little sweet pea. He is a great daddy and I love him even more because he is. I love seeing him make his daughter a priority. The relationship that he has with his daughter puts a smile on my face.

So, Jeff when you read this, thank you for your sacrifice, your labor of love and for working so hard so that Mickey and I have a play area just outside our door. Your the best! I love you! Mickey loves you too!

Daddy got a very sweet reward at the end of the day from his little girl. I took her outside telling her that Daddy had a surprise for her. So we put on her shoes and headed out the door. She stepped out the door and looked over to the yard. She squealed "A swing". She was so excited. Can you imagine her very own swing set in her own yard. She was thrilled. It made Daddy's day. And I have to say it made mine too.

So early this morning we ended up going outside and playing. How could we stay indoors when we had a swing that was calling Mickey's name. :)

Doesn't it look like fun!

Friday, April 25, 2008

December 2005 Babies

I am a member of a group of momma's that posts at Babycenter. I have been a member there since Mickey was 6 months old. We are a group of ladies from all over the country who have had a baby in the last 2 weeks of December (give or take). I have grown close to these ladies, even though most of us haven't met in real life. We are there to support one another through the good and not so good times of motherhood. We give encouragement and offer suggestions when others need it. We also share in the joys and not so joyful times with each other. I never thought that I would find some wonderful friends online. But I have and I am blessed because of it.

So today I have to give a big congratulations to my friend Tigger! She had her baby boy yesterday. I haven't seen pictures yet, but I am sure that he is one beautiful little boy. And that Jac is going to be a great big sister!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Give Me Jesus"

Fernando Ortega shared this today. So I thought I would share it with you. It is a tribute to Ruth Graham (wife of Billy Graham). It was such a lovely tribute.


I have written many times about Mickey's strong opinions on what she wears. I am coming to the conclusion that part of the problem is change and the other part is that she is 2! I am at the end of my rope. I am just not sure what I am going to do with a girl whose choices in what she will wear and not wear makes no logical sense whatsoever! Now I can hear you "A 2 year old never makes any logical sense!". I would agree I am just at a loss.

This morning started off with a bang. During the night she had wet through her pj's and so I did what any loving mom would do... I changed her clothes. I put on a new set of pj's... a red Pooh Bear top (short sleeve) and shorts. She slept much better in that than in her long sleeve pj's. So she woke up this morning and I changed her diaper and sent her off to go to the living room. She was fine... UNTIL!.... she looked down and saw these dreadful pj's on her body. She screamed and said "NO!" and immediately took off the offending clothes. So we went back to the long sleeve and pants.

This morning was library day. So we had to get ready to go if we wanted to make in time for the story time. I took out an outfit that I thought met the criteria. It was a Dora shirt and shorts. WRONG! She cried and said "OFF, OFF". So I went and picked out several shirts so she could pick one. NONE OF THEM WORKED. Finally she found one that she liked. Now on to the shorts. I pulled out some that she has worn a lot. The are some of her favorites. But not today. She cried and cried that she had to wear those horrible shorts. ARGH! So again I find some different shorts that she could choose. No that didn't work. She went and grabbed a shirt that she wanted to wear as pants. (I don't think she really understood this, she just didn't want momma's choices). So now I look at the time and realize that if we don't get out the door soon, I would not make it to the library. I finally told her that if she didn't pick out some shorts we were not going to go the library. Finally she picked out a pair of shorts that really didn't go with her chosen top, but I DON'T CARE! She was dressed.

Now if any of this made any sense. Like she doesn't like red and refuse to wear red shirts (which isn't true)... it would make my life easier. Like I thought it was just dresses that she had an issue with.... but it doesn't seem to be. It is something to do with change and differences. But even then that isn't true, those shorts were not change or different. Just not what we wanted to wear today.

I am just tired and have run out of ideas. And not sure how to make getting dressed a easier endeavor for both of us. We are both tired and frustrated by the end of getting dressed. I don't care if she matches or if she picks out her clothes, I just want to make this easier. With the hopes that every now and then she will wear something that I pick out for her. And it is one thing to just put her in something that she doesn't like, but she is able to take off the offending clothes and that leaves her in no clothing whatsoever! Does anyone have any suggestions??

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dan Zanes & Laurie Berkner

Yesterday I shared a favorite book of ours, "The Bear Snores On". I added a you tube video to it that tells the story for those of you who haven't heard of it before.

Today, I want to share a couple of dvd's that we just love. The first one is one that that we just rented. It is Dan Zanes All around the kitchen. This was a fun surprise. There is a concert on one selection and then a series of videos. I really love his music and it is some that you actually like listening to over and over again. I have to admit that one of my favorite parts is "Father Goose" rapping to a medley of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, ABC, Pocket full of Posies. What I like the best about this video is that it is simple. It is Dan Zanes and his friend up on stage in a little theater in New York. It keeps Mickey's attention and we are sining these songs all through the day. Below is a video of one of the songs from the video. If you click on the Dan Zanes link you will see different videos that he has at his site. Go to Polly Wolly Doodle (one of my favorite songs, from my Burl Ives days) and you will see how his concert is. It is just fun.

Next up is Laurie Berkner and her dvd "We are... The Laurie Berkner Band" This is one of our all time favorites in our house. I actually saw this on PBS one morning during their annual pledge drive. It caught both of our attention and we have been fans ever since. You can see both Dan Zanes and Laurie Berkner on Noggin (but we don't have that station.) Like Dan Zanes, Laurie Berkner has songs that the whole family will enjoy. She relates well to the toddler and preschool age kid. She knows the balance that we need as parents for active songs and calm me down songs and this video has both. It is simple. It is just her and her husband and her friend in the video along with a few kids singing the songs. It is a lot of fun to watch over and over and over again. We are not only fans of this dvd but of all of her cd's! These are listened to all the time at my house. :)
If you click on this Laurie's Berkner's Link you can catch other clips of her songs. And of course watch the clip of her that I grabbed off of You tube.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Corn Dogs

Mickey continues to amaze me in what she eats. Today after our weekly music class we went to a little fast food restaurant to pick up some food for momma. I got rolled tacos and off handedly I picked up a corn dog for Mickey. Never expecting her to eat it. I called it a corn dog and she called it "CORN", which she loves by the way. She ate the breading off it and I thought that would have been the end of it. Then she ate the hot dog and there is nothing left after she ate the WHOLE thing. Like I said, I picked up some rolled tacos for me. Yum. These particular ones were made with hamburger and potatoes mixed together rolled in a corn tortilla. Mickey decided that they looked good and tried one. Guess what she ate it! The beef and all. Now remember this is the same little girl who would pick up anything that resembles meat and through it off her plate. She had no interest whatsoever. Oh and the other day she ate broccoli out of a beef and broccoli mixture we ate. This was unusual because it had a sauce with it.... she hates sauces. But not this one. I think that we are finally on a good road. Yay!


As a mom I read lots of children books, listen to lots of children music and watch children's dvds. Some are okay, some are just horrible and some are great finds that turn into family treasures. I would like to share some of these treasures with you.

The Bear Snores On

During our last trip to the library we picked up this book. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is wonderful. It is about the animals that come into the bear's den while he is asleep for the winter. They make themselves at home and begin to have a party during a snowstorm. The suddenly the bear wakes up! It is a story that we have read over and over again and everyone loves it! This book has quickly become our bedtime story and we had to head out to the book store and buy our personal copy. On visiting the website for this book I ran into an unexpected treasure. The author gives different activities to do with your child that goes along with the book.

ETA: The video that Elena suggested! Here is the story from You tube!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cooking with Daddy

One of Mickey's favorite things to do is to help out when cooking. In our house cooking is a family affair. Jeff and I have always cooked together since the beginning of our relationship. He came up to see me while I was at seminary. I decided to make pork chops, fideo, and homemade tortillas. So I put him to work, by mixing the batter for the tortillas. Which meant that he had to get his hands dirty. He wasn't to happy about that, but he did it. I think that dinner set the tone for us, we are always in the kitchen together. Because cooking is a family affair Mickey is in the kitchen with us.

Mickey loves to help. So when Jeff brought home the ingredients to make strawberry shortcake, Mickey was right there to help. She ate up the dessert as soon as she was done helping!

I told you that Mickey only ate chicken nuggets. On Friday she had her first chicken leg. She loved it. I was so happy to see her trying new things. She saw her Grammie Syl eat one and decided to try it herself. The yesterday, Jeff made some popcorn shrimp and Mickey just ate it up. What?! My daughter?? Yes, and she enjoyed it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sugarland Concert

Jeff and I went out last night to a Sugarland concert. They are one of my favorite groups. So when I heard that they were coming to town it didn't take me long to say "YES" to tickets. Jeff and I don't get out much by ourselves. So it was really nice to have a date night. We need to do it more often!

My mom did us a huge favor and came in to watch Mickey. Mickey cried when we left and I was wondering if I made the right decision to leave her. But after a phone call from my mom (while we were eating dinner), I was reassured that everything was okay. My mom called to let us know that Mickey was doing better and eating and watching Monkey George. Relief.

We went to the concert and heard Sugarland. Besides it being a bit loud. I had a great time. I took some pictures that I thought I would share along with just one of my favorite Sugarland tunes....

Friday, April 18, 2008

Odds and Ends

A big ol' congratulations goes out to my dear friend from high school, Matthew. He and his wife, Katrina welcomed home their baby boy on Monday. The adorable baby is Jackson. Can't wait to see more pictures of this little one.

Tomorrow Jeff and I are going to a concert this weekend. I am excited. My mom is coming up this afternoon and going to stay with her tomorrow night. Grandma is going to attempt to put Mickey asleep. I have been preparing Mickey all week for the fact that momma and daddy are going out. So this morning I asked her who was coming to see her. Mickey's response... "Grandma, sleeping". Hopefully everything will be okay tomorrow.

Mickey has been dressing herself. So I just had to share some of the outfits that she has picked out recently. The one with the pink sweats has a t-shirt that she was going to wear as pants and it looked like a skirt over her pants. hmmm.... she won't wear a dress that I pick out for her but she will wear this???

Thursday, April 17, 2008

America's Favorite Mom

One of our favorite programs to watch in our house is Signing Time. It continues to teach Mickey new words and ways to communicate when her speech isn't caught up to her needs/wants at the time. Plus it has great music that is a must in our house.

The lady who started Signing Time and the Signing Time Foundation is Rachel Coleman. She found out her daughter Leah was deaf at 14 months. And later her daughter Lucy was born with spina bifida and cerebral pasley. Signing time foundation mission statement is to enrich the lives of children of all disabilities. Rachel was told that Lucy would not be able to communicate with her sister. Lucy was her first signing time miracle. She learned how to sign in spite of what the doctors had told her. Leah a few months ago won her school's spelling bee.

NBC is doing a Mother's day special. America's favorite mom's have asked for nominations and then to vote on your favorite mom. I just found out that Rachel has been nominated and she has my vote! If you would like to vote or to read her story please click on this button:

You will need to register and you can vote once a day. So Please vote for my favorite mom... or nominate one of yours.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting better....

We are slowly getting better in our house. We even ventured outside today. I got sick on Saturday with Mickey's virus. Loads of fun! NOT! But thankfully we are feeling better. Although I am staying away from other people for a few days. We go back to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully Mickey will be found healthy!

This weekend Jeff and I are going on a date! The band Sugarland is coming to town this weekend. I got tickets. My mom is coming in and taking care of Mickey. I am so excited and I am just hoping that I continue to feel better by then.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mickey TV

I have been having fun taking video of Mickey. So I have yet another video to share. Hope you enjoy!

We have been singing her name to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell" since she was itty bitty. So it is now fun to hear her singing it on her own. At times it isn't as clear to those that don't hear Mickey as often as we do. But still hope you enjoy.

This isn't the best Mickey animal noises, but since she has been and is sick I think that she did pretty good.

The last part of the clip she is stomping like an elephant, etc. This is from a book that we got from kindermusik. She loves this book.

And her outfit today was all Mickey. We had a different shirt on this morning, but she had to switch it out for her Diego pj top. She is very much into picking out her own outfits. I am still waiting to get her in a dress but she has other plans and ideas!

ETA: The last was supposed to be Thank you FOR watching. ;)

Update on Sickness

Mickey had a much better night at sleeping. Which was well needed for both of us. She seemed like she was feeling a little better. However, she is still moody and the afternoon was really long. We had numerous breakdowns and just plain tired. I am ready to be done with this sickie thing. But I keep telling myself that she is not going to be like this forever and we can make it through. Thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dancing with My Stars

One of my favorite shows to watch is "Dancing with the Stars". I like to watch my favorite stars and dancers dance. I am not sure what my fascination with this show is. Maybe it is my secret wish to be a dancer (one that won't be realized in this lifetime). I know that everyone has their "star" that they are routing for. Me I have my dancer that I am routing for, Edyta. I just really want her to win and I think that she may have a shot this year.

Now watching a t.v. show with Mikaylin is sometimes a challenging adventure. One thing that I love is Tivo. It has enabled me to watch what I want when I find a few minutes here and there. But sometimes watching it live is just fun. Daddy has made it so I can watch it every now and then. He and Mickey have developed their own dancing time. They just have a blast. So I decided that we needed to share the enjoyment had by Daddy & Mickey. Enjoy!


We are still sick in our neck of the woods. On Tuesday, Mickey starting getting a fever of 103. We were still on antibiotics and yesterday the same thing. So off to the doctors office we went. I was really afraid that she was getting worse and they would have to put her in the hospital or something. Sometimes my mommy worrier works against me. But Mickey being sick is not normal for us. So I was afraid.

We went to the doctors office and she was running behind. Not something that momma wants to deal with but at least we were being seen today which is not always the case for some doctors but with ours we get in right away.

Mickey was seen and she has picked up a new virus. She has blisters on the back of her throat. Poor thing. She is miserable. And it isn't any wonder that she isn't sleeping (and I am not sleeping either).

Like I said Mickey being sick is just not the norm for us. She has been sick more recently that she has in her whole 2 years! ARGH! I guess I can chalk it up to being out and about more with lots more kids. The risk just get higher and higher. I guess our trip back to the church that we are checking out is going to have to wait for awhile since I don't want her sick and I don't want to make anyone else sick. I am just praying I don't get it.

So that is where we are right now just wanted you to know.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Cake cakes prinkles, please

There are many of you who know about my constant struggle with Mickey and food. She was plain just not interested in eating. She would look at her food and not eat a morsel. She had a very limited food intake. If it wasn't cheese or didn't include cheese she was not interested. And if it had anything to do with meat she would not even touch it. Or touch it enough to pick it off her plate and dropped it off while saying "yucky".

We are not where so many other kiddos her age are, but we have made huge progress. She will eat one form of meat, chicken nuggets. Now don't be mistaken and give her any other form of chicken for she will cry and repeatedly ask for the nugget. I have been buying tyson's brand but am thinking I really need to find a way to make these on my own. So if you have a recipe you would like to share, please do! She also eats "trees" broccoli and will eat peas, corn and carrots. And of course any form of noodle with alfredo sauce or cheese sauce. She is not much into the sauces which are tomato based, she must be like her momma. Oh and of course she loves her cheese sandwich or quesadilla. She also loves her yogurt!

Lately she has been requesting "cake cakes prinkles, please". In case you need the Mickey interpreter that is "pancakes with sprinkles". She especially loves to help make them. I bought a cheap but very good packet from wal-mart that you just add water. We add water, the mix and she mixes it up (with a little help from momma). Momma will add a little bit of sprinkles to the pancake while it is cooking and then a few on top when she eats it. I found that she will try new foods if I add the sprinkles to it.

We have some food that I didn't mention, but wanted to "brag" a little bit about my noneater becoming a little eater!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Daddy bought a bubble maker so that he and Mickey can have lots of fun! I do believe that the best part of the bubbles for me is to see the awe and wonder on her face. How she delights on catching each and every bubble within her reach. I also enjoy watching daddy having just as much fun as his daughter!

Hope you enjoy the few pictures we took.

Can't you just tell that she is having a blast!

Quick Update

Sick Update

I just wanted to give you an update on how Mickey is feeling. I took her to the doctor yesterday to recheck her ears. She just seems continually congested and wasn't convinced that she was all better. Since she isn't sleeping well at night. So off to the doctor we went. I am so glad that I took her in. She still has an ear infection and not just in her left ear but BOTH ears. I was supposed to try a decongestant medicine yesterday and if it didn't clear up get an antibiotic today. So I did her some meds yesterday and they wired her. But not really clearing anything up. :( So I am off to go to the pharmacy to get her new antibiotic. Hopefully we won't see the mood changes that we saw with the last one.

Biting & Pinching Update

We have made some headway in our pinching and biting! I read Dr. Sears site and he gave me some options to try. She is not real sneaky when she is going in for the bite or the pinch. So I am able to redirect her. Can you give momma a kiss or a hug instead? She looks at me for a moment and she does! When she wants to bite she gives me a kiss instead and when she wants to pinch I get a hug. It is a great trade off. I also think that the mood changes from the antibiotic were causing more aggression than normal.

I will be back hopefully sometime today or tomorrow to post some new pictures of the other things that are going on in our life. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Grandma Chick a Dee

Mickey has been blessed to have a wonderful and loving Grandmother. We call her Grammie Syl although Mickey has tried her hand at calling her many different names. At first it was "mine", then it was "Syl" and lately it is Grandma Chick a Dee. You see Grammie Syl calls her my little Chick a dee and now Mickey has return the favor.

I have longed for Mickey to have a special relationship with her grandparents as I have had with my "Grandpo and Grammie". I am thankful that she does in her grandmother. When we are visited by her Mickey is by her side the entire time. They read books, play games and just hang out.

Over Easter, Mickey became sick. Mickey found comfort in the arms of Grammie Syl. At the end of the day Mickey climbed up on her grandmother and rested as she watched a bit of t.v. Before we knew it Mickey was fast asleep and comfy. It was a first as Mickey never goes to sleep so easily.