Thursday, April 17, 2008

America's Favorite Mom

One of our favorite programs to watch in our house is Signing Time. It continues to teach Mickey new words and ways to communicate when her speech isn't caught up to her needs/wants at the time. Plus it has great music that is a must in our house.

The lady who started Signing Time and the Signing Time Foundation is Rachel Coleman. She found out her daughter Leah was deaf at 14 months. And later her daughter Lucy was born with spina bifida and cerebral pasley. Signing time foundation mission statement is to enrich the lives of children of all disabilities. Rachel was told that Lucy would not be able to communicate with her sister. Lucy was her first signing time miracle. She learned how to sign in spite of what the doctors had told her. Leah a few months ago won her school's spelling bee.

NBC is doing a Mother's day special. America's favorite mom's have asked for nominations and then to vote on your favorite mom. I just found out that Rachel has been nominated and she has my vote! If you would like to vote or to read her story please click on this button:

You will need to register and you can vote once a day. So Please vote for my favorite mom... or nominate one of yours.

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