Monday, April 7, 2008

Cake cakes prinkles, please

There are many of you who know about my constant struggle with Mickey and food. She was plain just not interested in eating. She would look at her food and not eat a morsel. She had a very limited food intake. If it wasn't cheese or didn't include cheese she was not interested. And if it had anything to do with meat she would not even touch it. Or touch it enough to pick it off her plate and dropped it off while saying "yucky".

We are not where so many other kiddos her age are, but we have made huge progress. She will eat one form of meat, chicken nuggets. Now don't be mistaken and give her any other form of chicken for she will cry and repeatedly ask for the nugget. I have been buying tyson's brand but am thinking I really need to find a way to make these on my own. So if you have a recipe you would like to share, please do! She also eats "trees" broccoli and will eat peas, corn and carrots. And of course any form of noodle with alfredo sauce or cheese sauce. She is not much into the sauces which are tomato based, she must be like her momma. Oh and of course she loves her cheese sandwich or quesadilla. She also loves her yogurt!

Lately she has been requesting "cake cakes prinkles, please". In case you need the Mickey interpreter that is "pancakes with sprinkles". She especially loves to help make them. I bought a cheap but very good packet from wal-mart that you just add water. We add water, the mix and she mixes it up (with a little help from momma). Momma will add a little bit of sprinkles to the pancake while it is cooking and then a few on top when she eats it. I found that she will try new foods if I add the sprinkles to it.

We have some food that I didn't mention, but wanted to "brag" a little bit about my noneater becoming a little eater!


  1. Isaac has always loved eating raw broccoli and it all started when I called them "little tress" Funny!! I do have a recipe for chicken nuggets. I will have to find it and get back to you.

  2. would love that recipe for chicken nuggets!

    Isn't it funny that they won't eat broccoli but will eat trees!!