Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have written many times about Mickey's strong opinions on what she wears. I am coming to the conclusion that part of the problem is change and the other part is that she is 2! I am at the end of my rope. I am just not sure what I am going to do with a girl whose choices in what she will wear and not wear makes no logical sense whatsoever! Now I can hear you "A 2 year old never makes any logical sense!". I would agree I am just at a loss.

This morning started off with a bang. During the night she had wet through her pj's and so I did what any loving mom would do... I changed her clothes. I put on a new set of pj's... a red Pooh Bear top (short sleeve) and shorts. She slept much better in that than in her long sleeve pj's. So she woke up this morning and I changed her diaper and sent her off to go to the living room. She was fine... UNTIL!.... she looked down and saw these dreadful pj's on her body. She screamed and said "NO!" and immediately took off the offending clothes. So we went back to the long sleeve and pants.

This morning was library day. So we had to get ready to go if we wanted to make in time for the story time. I took out an outfit that I thought met the criteria. It was a Dora shirt and shorts. WRONG! She cried and said "OFF, OFF". So I went and picked out several shirts so she could pick one. NONE OF THEM WORKED. Finally she found one that she liked. Now on to the shorts. I pulled out some that she has worn a lot. The are some of her favorites. But not today. She cried and cried that she had to wear those horrible shorts. ARGH! So again I find some different shorts that she could choose. No that didn't work. She went and grabbed a shirt that she wanted to wear as pants. (I don't think she really understood this, she just didn't want momma's choices). So now I look at the time and realize that if we don't get out the door soon, I would not make it to the library. I finally told her that if she didn't pick out some shorts we were not going to go the library. Finally she picked out a pair of shorts that really didn't go with her chosen top, but I DON'T CARE! She was dressed.

Now if any of this made any sense. Like she doesn't like red and refuse to wear red shirts (which isn't true)... it would make my life easier. Like I thought it was just dresses that she had an issue with.... but it doesn't seem to be. It is something to do with change and differences. But even then that isn't true, those shorts were not change or different. Just not what we wanted to wear today.

I am just tired and have run out of ideas. And not sure how to make getting dressed a easier endeavor for both of us. We are both tired and frustrated by the end of getting dressed. I don't care if she matches or if she picks out her clothes, I just want to make this easier. With the hopes that every now and then she will wear something that I pick out for her. And it is one thing to just put her in something that she doesn't like, but she is able to take off the offending clothes and that leaves her in no clothing whatsoever! Does anyone have any suggestions??


  1. No advice from this Mama - sorry. Isaac could usually care less what he wears. He just hates the act of getting dressed. Takes too much time away from playing. Julia hasn't been too picky yet, but she is starting to show some preferences for things. I may be coming to you in a few months asking your advice!!!

  2. Sounds adorable!! Sure it is much more of a headache for Mom though. Sounds like Mik is just very sure about what she wants and that depends on the day!! :)

  3. Well said Stephanie! I think that she is going to be like this for a long, long, time. Sure of what she wants on the only change is the day!