Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Corn Dogs

Mickey continues to amaze me in what she eats. Today after our weekly music class we went to a little fast food restaurant to pick up some food for momma. I got rolled tacos and off handedly I picked up a corn dog for Mickey. Never expecting her to eat it. I called it a corn dog and she called it "CORN", which she loves by the way. She ate the breading off it and I thought that would have been the end of it. Then she ate the hot dog and there is nothing left after she ate the WHOLE thing. Like I said, I picked up some rolled tacos for me. Yum. These particular ones were made with hamburger and potatoes mixed together rolled in a corn tortilla. Mickey decided that they looked good and tried one. Guess what she ate it! The beef and all. Now remember this is the same little girl who would pick up anything that resembles meat and through it off her plate. She had no interest whatsoever. Oh and the other day she ate broccoli out of a beef and broccoli mixture we ate. This was unusual because it had a sauce with it.... she hates sauces. But not this one. I think that we are finally on a good road. Yay!

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