Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dancing with My Stars

One of my favorite shows to watch is "Dancing with the Stars". I like to watch my favorite stars and dancers dance. I am not sure what my fascination with this show is. Maybe it is my secret wish to be a dancer (one that won't be realized in this lifetime). I know that everyone has their "star" that they are routing for. Me I have my dancer that I am routing for, Edyta. I just really want her to win and I think that she may have a shot this year.

Now watching a t.v. show with Mikaylin is sometimes a challenging adventure. One thing that I love is Tivo. It has enabled me to watch what I want when I find a few minutes here and there. But sometimes watching it live is just fun. Daddy has made it so I can watch it every now and then. He and Mickey have developed their own dancing time. They just have a blast. So I decided that we needed to share the enjoyment had by Daddy & Mickey. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. What great and fun parents the pair of you are! Those are moments that will be cherished by all for a long, long time!