Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Grandma Chick a Dee

Mickey has been blessed to have a wonderful and loving Grandmother. We call her Grammie Syl although Mickey has tried her hand at calling her many different names. At first it was "mine", then it was "Syl" and lately it is Grandma Chick a Dee. You see Grammie Syl calls her my little Chick a dee and now Mickey has return the favor.

I have longed for Mickey to have a special relationship with her grandparents as I have had with my "Grandpo and Grammie". I am thankful that she does in her grandmother. When we are visited by her Mickey is by her side the entire time. They read books, play games and just hang out.

Over Easter, Mickey became sick. Mickey found comfort in the arms of Grammie Syl. At the end of the day Mickey climbed up on her grandmother and rested as she watched a bit of t.v. Before we knew it Mickey was fast asleep and comfy. It was a first as Mickey never goes to sleep so easily.

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  1. I bet that just warms your Mom's heart to be so close to Mikaylin.