Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Labor of Love

In the time most commonly referred to B.C. (before child), Jeff and I would find a project that we would conquer together. I pride myself in being able to handle tools like the drill or my favorite the sander. Jeff and I would work together and get whatever project that we had in mind finished. But like I said that was B.C.

"Our" latest project is a outdoor play set. It has swings, a slide, a fort, a sandbox and the very important slide. It is great... or so it will be once it is finished. My loving hubby has spent is day off in the hot sun putting together a labor intensive project.... alone. I tried to help him earlier in the day and well it just didn't go well. Mickey, being a very curious 2 year old wanted to look at all the screws, the wrenches and wanted to help put together things that, well, are much to dangerous for her to help with. So I came inside while my hubby stayed outside working by himself. At one point he got help from our neighbor across the street.

So sometime this afternoon, Mickey is going to have a swing set that her daddy put together for her. I would call this a labor of love. He would do this for no one else but his precious little sweet pea. He is a great daddy and I love him even more because he is. I love seeing him make his daughter a priority. The relationship that he has with his daughter puts a smile on my face.

So, Jeff when you read this, thank you for your sacrifice, your labor of love and for working so hard so that Mickey and I have a play area just outside our door. Your the best! I love you! Mickey loves you too!

Daddy got a very sweet reward at the end of the day from his little girl. I took her outside telling her that Daddy had a surprise for her. So we put on her shoes and headed out the door. She stepped out the door and looked over to the yard. She squealed "A swing". She was so excited. Can you imagine her very own swing set in her own yard. She was thrilled. It made Daddy's day. And I have to say it made mine too.

So early this morning we ended up going outside and playing. How could we stay indoors when we had a swing that was calling Mickey's name. :)

Doesn't it look like fun!


  1. How fun!! Wish we had one of those in our backyard. Maybe at our new house!! Way to go Jeff - you made your daughters day!! That's what Daddy's are for!