Tuesday, May 27, 2008


As parents, I think that we all keep in our closet a few secrets that we would rather not share with others. How long it took your child to sleep through the night, how they are not the perfect little angels all day long, how long it has been since you were able to give them a bath. Or my secret, that your child cusses.

Well sort of cusses. At least that is what it seems to me that my little angel is a cusser. Not like a sailor of course, but in her own way. Which is rather funny to me because Jeff and I do not cuss or use swear words. Mickey doesn't either, use swear words, but she does swear, I think.

We have hit that wonderful time in her life where the frustration gets the best of her and tantrums have hit. Oh my, who knew that this would try my patience so much! Lately when she gets frustrated, because she can't do what she wants, or I am not understanding her the way she thinks I should, or she just doesn't get it, tantrums hit. And it is a bit funny to me. She has started using the made up word "Bunkers" when she is frustrated. To me it sounds as if she is swearing. And this particular word is only used when she is frustrated or angry. Add to that she is throwing a tantrum on the floor, and at this point there is no reasoning with her. I usually have to ride it out until we get to the point where any thing that is said by me actually makes into her brain. While on the floor she is laying on her arms, tummy down. She is crying, "Help me, help me, I stuck". Yeah, you are stuck because you are laying on your arms! Then with a shriek "BUNKERS". Oh and forget it if I try to get her unstuck, it just makes the tantrums longer!

So that is my secret, my child is a cusser.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Normal Yet?

Life has been a little crazy these last day or two. We went to the dentist yesterday, like I already told you. Everything went well, thank the Lord. I was more than a little nervous but the Lord was there with us, which I am extremely thankful.

When we went back to recovery, Mickey had a air mask on her little face as she was sleeping. That was so hard to see. But I realized how thankful that I am that she was just in there for her teeth and not for anything any more serious. I can't imagine how my friend Melinda does it to see her little boy deal with all his heart problems. Please keep your Joseph in your prayers. He goes in for his 3rd open heart surgery on June 10th. Thanks!

Mickey wasn't herself yesterday. Who can blame her, she went through so much, but yet had no memory of what had happened. She was worn out and yet she didn't know why. Poor little girl. To top it off, our a/c people came yesterday afternoon and began work on our a/c. Which meant that we left the house and headed for a local hotel (one with a swimming pool, of course). Mickey loved the pool, although she hated the hotel room. She does not like hotel rooms very much. I think that it is so new and unfamiliar.

I am glad to report that we had a good night and we got some rest (although not as good as sleeping in our own bed). This morning Mickey and I got up and went to the swimming pool. She had a blast. Though she is still worn out from all the activities yesterday. We made it home this afternoon and we have a great air conditioner! Yay! Now we can face the summer heat. Today it is not hot, so we will have to wait to see how well it does in the next couple of days.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


just wanted to check & let you know that mik did really well this morning. We were up since 3 am since she was rather upset that she couldn't have water. We made it to the surgerical center at 6. They gave her some nasty medicine to help her relax. They took her back and she didn't cry! Prayers answered! She was put under anesthesia and they fixed her tooth. She came out of it just fine and now we are home. We were out of there by 8:30. We are all exhausted.

Our a/c may be getting fixed today. We may go get a hotel room if that happens. Not sure yet.

Have a great day... we are hopefully going to take a nap!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All Clear

We went to the doctor today and we are all set to go in tomorrow and take care of Mickey's chipped tooth. I am relieved and anxious about the whole thing. I will let you know how it goes once we are home tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Swimming time

I told you yesterday that summer hit us this week. So I decided to embrace it as much as I could. You see I don't really like the hot temps, but decided that there is not much that I can do to change it. So along with getting our a/c fixed sometime this week, I decided it was time for some pool fun.

So I got out our nifty swimming pool from last year only to find that we had some serious holes, not good for holding water. So we got a new one at the store.

Of course, Mickey just had to help me out. She helped momma as I took it out of the box and then putting water in the pool. Silly girl, just loves the water. Then we went inside and got into her new swim suit, or how she likes to call it "swimming shirt". I can already tell that we are going to be in that pool a lot this summer.

Later this week we are taking Mickey into the dentist to get her tooth fixed. I am a bit nervous they are going to give anesthesia and fix her front tooth. Did I tell you that I hate going to dentist?? So I am doing my best to not let my fear pass on to her. Last night, I was having nightmares about the whole thing. Something with getting to the appointment only to have to go home by helicopter?! Now I don't understand it, just know that it is bothering me and if I had my way we wouldn't do it. But being the responsible adult I know that it is what we NEED to do so I am trying to calm myself down. We have to go to our doctor tomorrow and get the go ahead first tomorrow. Our doctor has to let us know that she is healthy enough to go through with it. So please be in prayer for us.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Water & Mickey

We have been spending some time outside. I have planted a small garden that isn't coming up. But never fear, I bought some flowers and planted those instead. On the bright side of things, some of our herbs & tomatoes are coming up. I am hoping that we have some success in that. Time will tell I suppose. Mickey has decided that she gets the job of watering. Now giving that job of watering to a 2 year old makes some great picture taking opportunities! She was having a blast the other day experimenting with the water. And afterwards she was soaking wet! I enjoyed taking pictures of her that day.

Speaking of taking pictures, I have started a 365 photo challenge. The premise is you take a picture a day and it helps you refine your skills with your camera. I am hoping that a year from now I will have learned much. If you want to take a look at what i have done so far you can go to lifecaptured . It is not a blogger account, I am using vox as it is much easier to do this project with. You can become a member of vox and become my friend and see all the photos. If not, you will be able to see most of them I believe.

And did I tell you it is getting hot here?! Right now it is 100 outside. At least that is what our nifty home weather station is telling us. So we are setting up the pool tonight. I think that we are going to need it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Joseph Update

Thank you for your prayers for Joseph. Joseph and his family are now home. Here is the update from Melinda.

Joseph is asleep now after a long few days. Since arriving he has shown no indication of what he was just put through and for that we are blessed. Scott and I were given another special gift today. Dr. Marshall showed us actual video of Joseph’s Catheterization procedure…not still photos, but actual video. We saw his right ventricle squeezing effectively, we saw his ”useless” left ventricle that is maybe the size of a quarter when its supposed to be the size of a potato. We saw his Glenn Shunt which is adjusting his circulation right now. We saw his blood flow through his pulmonary arteries and although the left looks smaller than the right, which is not good, there is blood traveling through them equally, VERY GOOD. We saw the coils she put in the one vein which are actually platinum, not titanium. We saw the wires used to close his chest back open after his previous open heart surgery. These images are embedded in our memories and as we sat there with Joseph sucking on his red popsicle. Listening to how pleased she was with what she saw we felt equally blessed to see how far he’s come. She, and others were worried about Joseph because of the severity of his HLHS as well as his difficult start in life. They were all so pleased to see our brave lion at 2 walking their halls!

So we expect to get a call next week with a Summer surgery date. That’s it for now. We are mentally and physically drained but we are fortunate, faithful and blessed. Thank you!

Joseph Update

Here is an update from Melinda, Joseph's momma. Again, thank you for your prayers!

At around 830am I gave him his sedative. He was then intubated and put on a ventilator and brought down to have a Chest CT scan. The cardiologists were pleased with the preliminary results of the CT scan performed on his lungs/pulmonary arteries and veins but we will have official results tomorrow. Next came his Cath. Again, his physicians were pleased with what they saw once they got the catheters in. They found one collateral that needed to be coiled off. She placed three titanium coils into it to essentially clot it off so it wouldn't steal oxygen from where it is now redirected to go. Aside from that no other intervention was needed today. His pressures were good and he is a candidate for the Fontan stage of his HLHS palliative procedure.We realize that not all heart kids are as lucky. Despite the severity of his heart disease we are blessed with the path he has taken so far..Who would think he only has half a functioning heart? We will be meeting again with his cardiologist tomorrow and we should be discharged tomorrow afternoon if there are no surprises.

Speaking of surprises after all going well while he was inside the Cath lab he then proceeded to get so agitated during his waking from sedation that he pulled out his own breathing tube while in recovery, which resulted in flailing which caused bleeding at the cath entry site as well as a bruised, swollen upper lip. Nice uh? They had to have us go in and take turns laying with him in the bed as he came out of it to try to calm him while they tried to stop the bleeding! It wasn't until 6 hours later that he was allowed to move his leg...try that feat with an active, toddler!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go back to bed

Today I wanted to retreat and go back to bed and hoped that when I got up for real things would be different. I did not get the luxury of going back to bed and I had to face the day and what that day held for me. I woke up this morning and Mickey was just having a bad day. You know it is a bad day when your toddler wakes up and has several tantrums before you are able to get out of bed. Yes, a bad day!

Mickey has a great love for her Sparkys, all 4 of them. Daddy got her a backpack to be able to take her swimming stuff when we start swim lessons. This morning she wanted to put all of the sparkys in the bag. One problem is that they don't all fit. Which meant for a toddler that can't be reasoned with a TANTRUM! Can I tell that I wanted to have a tantrum myself, but I didn't. We went through a few of these until the backpack mysteriously disappeared!

Jeff was supposed to have the day off but due to circumstances out of our control he had to work. We still had appointments that we were set. So Jeff got a couple of hours off and came home to meet with the a/c guy. Why is it when you talk to several different people about one topic that you get as many different opinions as people. Then we were off to the dentist. Mickey has a chipped front tooth that we are trying to get taken care of. I really liked this dentist, which was a different story from our first appointment. So to make a long story shorter, we have an appointment next week to fix her tooth. I will fill you in on the details soon.

Made it back home and got a few things taken care of. Then went to put Mickey down for a nap and much to my surprise I find the dogs still locked up in my bedroom. What a fright that was. They didn't have an accident which was great.

So now it is nap time and we are having a more successful than what we started off with. Hopefully the rest of the day will go much better than how it started.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Joseph Update

For those that are praying for my friend Melinda and her son Joseph, here is an update from their first day. Thank you for praying!

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes so far. They worked today as Joseph was shockingly cooperative with the myriad of new faces, tests, and waiting involved in his Pre-Op appointments.

Our day consisted of

1. 3 chest X rays
2. blood taken
3. a successfully completed EKG
4. a successfully taken blood pressure
5. measurement and weight check
6. meeting with Anesthesiologists
7. meetings with and examinations by 3 cardiologists working on his case tomorrow

We were so grateful that he expressed very little fear with the new faces and multitude of white coats and strange faces. As parents that was one of our huge fears coming in to our time here in Boston. He is amazing!!

Our appointment tomorrow begins at 7 am. We need to wake him up early so that he can have a cup of apple juice by 5am! He will be sedated in our arms and then taken for his CT Scan, followed by his Cath. This will allow them too gain information that can't be gained any other way regarding his pulmonary systema and heart function. They will also do an echocardiogram while he is sedated. We will then be admitted to the Cardiac Floor barring any complications.

Giraffe Dress

Last year for my birthday, Jeff bought Mickey 2 dresses. She loved them and wore them all the time. Yesterday, she found the Giraffe dress and immediately wanted to put it on. Remember this is a girl who refuses to wear dresses. But something about this too small dress appeals to her. She cried last night when we took it off for bedtime. This morning I she woke up and found it again and you guessed it, she put it on again.

She is having a load of fun with it. She has stuffed all of her sparky's in the dress with her. (She has the real deal Sparky and two back ups in case we need them). She has gone outside and watered the flowers and has done everything in it. I am hoping that we can take it off tonight and hopefully wash it before we go for day 3. I am also wondering what I am going to do when she no longer fits in this dress from last summer!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Visit continues

Last night Flora came in from California and the return of Uncle Dave. This little girl really has taken to her Uncle Dave and Flora. Dave made us a yummy meal of grilled shrimp, flank steak salad and shrimp cerviche (no idea if that is spelled right). Mickey had to help Unca Dave in the kitchen and outside grilling. She continues to refer to him as Grandma, but knows that he Uncle Dave.

Flora came later in the evening, once her plane arrived. Once she came into our lives Mickey knocked Uncle Dave down a notch and had a new favorite in Flora. She sat with her, watched her every movement. She was just loving her time with Flora.

After they left to go back to my mom's, my dad called. You can tell what was important in Mickey mind that day. She doesn't say a whole lot on the phone but last night she did. She said one of her longest sentences to do date. "Grandma, Unca Dave, Flora, car, bye-bye". Boy that was a mouthful!

Oh and Mickey and Daddy made their famous strawberry shortcake for Grammie Syl for Mother's Day. It was quite the eventful day and we all slept well last night!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Please Pray

I have written before about my friends over at babycenter. One of the ladies and I have a special bond since our "babies" are born on the same day. Her name is Melinda and her special son is named Joseph. I asked her if I can share her story with you and ask for your prayers.

Joseph was born with a life threatening heart disease called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Essentially only half of his heart developed in utero. Joseph has already gone through two open heart surgeries to prolong his life and several Cardiac Catheterizations. He is going into Boston Childrens Tuesday for three days for another round of invasive tests as well as a Heart Cath. I can't possibly imagine what a momma of a 2 year old beautiful little boy is going through. These tests will give them the information that they need so that they can plan and know what is going to need to take place for his 3rd open heart surgery.

I asked what specifically that we could pray for this week. Here is her list.
  1. his tests show improved heart function
  2. his Catheterization has no complications
  3. that he reacts well to sedation
  4. that he is able to be soothed by his parents when afraid at the hospital

so Please pray and ask others to pray for this beautiful little boy. I would greatly appreciate it. If you would like to read more about this little boy you can visit his care page. http://www.carepages.com/AboutCarePage?id=53733 I am not sure if you will need to sign in to read about him. If so you will need his name Joseph Tavares. I also ask that you remember his daddy and his big brother Jaxon in your prayers. Jaxon is a very loving brother and often worries about his baby brother. This is a very special family!

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Uncle Dave or Grandma

When you have toddlers you tend to prepare them for coming events. I find that a little preparation goes a long way. So when I found out that my brother was coming for a visit, I starting preparing Mickey for her visit with Uncle Dave.

I have pictures of him and point to him and say that is your Uncle Dave. Mickey will repeat, Unca Dave. She can't say her l's to well. She will also point to his girlfriend and say Fora, or flower, and sometimes "Momma". She is a woman so she must be a momma, right?

Dave came last night and Mickey warmed up to her Uncle Dave quite nicely. Although, she completely forgot or more likely refused to say "hi Uncle Dave" as we worked on when we opened the door. But to my amazement I turned around and there she was sitting on his lap. She really liked him. This is my child who doesn't warm up to men period. She wants to be as far away from them as possible. I guess he just has the kid vibe.

Today, he spend the day with us before he headed out to my mom's. Mickey was very thrilled to have him over. She even paid him a little more attention than her Grammie Syl. She was quite interesting to observe. She was very interested him but she was whispering to him. I didn't know my child could whisper. She was sitting on his lap at times. She would go up and touch him on his leg. She even read to him.... or at least shared her books with him.

The funny thing is that when asked who he was, she would say "Grandma". When asked to go say hi to "uncle dave" she would make it over to him, but if she talked about him she would say "Grandma". I am not sure how he felt about that, since is a guy and definitely NOT a grandma. But I think that it is a sign of affection. I mean her grandma is a very important person in her life so when she transfered this over to her uncle Dave I think that she was saying that he was accepted.

Oh and by the way last night when he left, she did say, "Hi Unca Dave!".

Monday, May 5, 2008

Time with Friends

We had a nice time out last night at our friends home. Nicholas was so excited to have Mickey over, however due to his tummy hurting he wasn't 100%. Hope you feel better little guy.

Nicholas is a little sports guy. He always amazes us with his abilities. So last night he was showing us how he can hit a ball with the bat. Mickey got to try out hitting a ball off a tee with a bat. She loved it. After each hit she would go clap and say "good job". What a character.

Last time our families got together I didn't take one picture. This time I got a whopping 2 pictures. I like the one that I got of Nicholas so I thought I would share.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sharing a few pictures

I just had some random pics that I wanted to share. Some of them are Mickey on her new swing set.

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cow Sleeping How?

One of Mickey's favorite books right now is "Going to Sleep on the Farm". We read or recite this book no less than 10 times a day. Mickey is a animal lover so this book is perfect for her. It is a simple story of a dad playing farm with his son. They put each farm animal to bed by asking the question "How does a ____ go to sleep? Tell me how." The last one to go to sleep is "You" the son.

Mickey is so cute as she "reads" the book. I am amazed on how much of the story she knows. She sounds like this.... "cow sleeping... How.. moo, moo". I love it. I also love the fact that she loves her books. I am a big reader and wanted to instill a love for reading and so it blesses my heart to see her find her favorite books and enjoys reading them over and over and over and over.... well you get the idea!