Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Giraffe Dress

Last year for my birthday, Jeff bought Mickey 2 dresses. She loved them and wore them all the time. Yesterday, she found the Giraffe dress and immediately wanted to put it on. Remember this is a girl who refuses to wear dresses. But something about this too small dress appeals to her. She cried last night when we took it off for bedtime. This morning I she woke up and found it again and you guessed it, she put it on again.

She is having a load of fun with it. She has stuffed all of her sparky's in the dress with her. (She has the real deal Sparky and two back ups in case we need them). She has gone outside and watered the flowers and has done everything in it. I am hoping that we can take it off tonight and hopefully wash it before we go for day 3. I am also wondering what I am going to do when she no longer fits in this dress from last summer!

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