Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go back to bed

Today I wanted to retreat and go back to bed and hoped that when I got up for real things would be different. I did not get the luxury of going back to bed and I had to face the day and what that day held for me. I woke up this morning and Mickey was just having a bad day. You know it is a bad day when your toddler wakes up and has several tantrums before you are able to get out of bed. Yes, a bad day!

Mickey has a great love for her Sparkys, all 4 of them. Daddy got her a backpack to be able to take her swimming stuff when we start swim lessons. This morning she wanted to put all of the sparkys in the bag. One problem is that they don't all fit. Which meant for a toddler that can't be reasoned with a TANTRUM! Can I tell that I wanted to have a tantrum myself, but I didn't. We went through a few of these until the backpack mysteriously disappeared!

Jeff was supposed to have the day off but due to circumstances out of our control he had to work. We still had appointments that we were set. So Jeff got a couple of hours off and came home to meet with the a/c guy. Why is it when you talk to several different people about one topic that you get as many different opinions as people. Then we were off to the dentist. Mickey has a chipped front tooth that we are trying to get taken care of. I really liked this dentist, which was a different story from our first appointment. So to make a long story shorter, we have an appointment next week to fix her tooth. I will fill you in on the details soon.

Made it back home and got a few things taken care of. Then went to put Mickey down for a nap and much to my surprise I find the dogs still locked up in my bedroom. What a fright that was. They didn't have an accident which was great.

So now it is nap time and we are having a more successful than what we started off with. Hopefully the rest of the day will go much better than how it started.

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  1. I have been there more times than I would like to admit. Of course, you know that by reading my blog!! It amazes me when either of the kids will have thrown a fit, been in time-out and even spanked sometimes before 8a.m. Not a good way to start the day!!