Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Joseph Update

For those that are praying for my friend Melinda and her son Joseph, here is an update from their first day. Thank you for praying!

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes so far. They worked today as Joseph was shockingly cooperative with the myriad of new faces, tests, and waiting involved in his Pre-Op appointments.

Our day consisted of

1. 3 chest X rays
2. blood taken
3. a successfully completed EKG
4. a successfully taken blood pressure
5. measurement and weight check
6. meeting with Anesthesiologists
7. meetings with and examinations by 3 cardiologists working on his case tomorrow

We were so grateful that he expressed very little fear with the new faces and multitude of white coats and strange faces. As parents that was one of our huge fears coming in to our time here in Boston. He is amazing!!

Our appointment tomorrow begins at 7 am. We need to wake him up early so that he can have a cup of apple juice by 5am! He will be sedated in our arms and then taken for his CT Scan, followed by his Cath. This will allow them too gain information that can't be gained any other way regarding his pulmonary systema and heart function. They will also do an echocardiogram while he is sedated. We will then be admitted to the Cardiac Floor barring any complications.

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