Thursday, May 15, 2008

Joseph Update

Here is an update from Melinda, Joseph's momma. Again, thank you for your prayers!

At around 830am I gave him his sedative. He was then intubated and put on a ventilator and brought down to have a Chest CT scan. The cardiologists were pleased with the preliminary results of the CT scan performed on his lungs/pulmonary arteries and veins but we will have official results tomorrow. Next came his Cath. Again, his physicians were pleased with what they saw once they got the catheters in. They found one collateral that needed to be coiled off. She placed three titanium coils into it to essentially clot it off so it wouldn't steal oxygen from where it is now redirected to go. Aside from that no other intervention was needed today. His pressures were good and he is a candidate for the Fontan stage of his HLHS palliative procedure.We realize that not all heart kids are as lucky. Despite the severity of his heart disease we are blessed with the path he has taken so far..Who would think he only has half a functioning heart? We will be meeting again with his cardiologist tomorrow and we should be discharged tomorrow afternoon if there are no surprises.

Speaking of surprises after all going well while he was inside the Cath lab he then proceeded to get so agitated during his waking from sedation that he pulled out his own breathing tube while in recovery, which resulted in flailing which caused bleeding at the cath entry site as well as a bruised, swollen upper lip. Nice uh? They had to have us go in and take turns laying with him in the bed as he came out of it to try to calm him while they tried to stop the bleeding! It wasn't until 6 hours later that he was allowed to move his leg...try that feat with an active, toddler!

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