Thursday, May 15, 2008

Joseph Update

Thank you for your prayers for Joseph. Joseph and his family are now home. Here is the update from Melinda.

Joseph is asleep now after a long few days. Since arriving he has shown no indication of what he was just put through and for that we are blessed. Scott and I were given another special gift today. Dr. Marshall showed us actual video of Joseph’s Catheterization procedure…not still photos, but actual video. We saw his right ventricle squeezing effectively, we saw his ”useless” left ventricle that is maybe the size of a quarter when its supposed to be the size of a potato. We saw his Glenn Shunt which is adjusting his circulation right now. We saw his blood flow through his pulmonary arteries and although the left looks smaller than the right, which is not good, there is blood traveling through them equally, VERY GOOD. We saw the coils she put in the one vein which are actually platinum, not titanium. We saw the wires used to close his chest back open after his previous open heart surgery. These images are embedded in our memories and as we sat there with Joseph sucking on his red popsicle. Listening to how pleased she was with what she saw we felt equally blessed to see how far he’s come. She, and others were worried about Joseph because of the severity of his HLHS as well as his difficult start in life. They were all so pleased to see our brave lion at 2 walking their halls!

So we expect to get a call next week with a Summer surgery date. That’s it for now. We are mentally and physically drained but we are fortunate, faithful and blessed. Thank you!

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