Friday, May 23, 2008

Normal Yet?

Life has been a little crazy these last day or two. We went to the dentist yesterday, like I already told you. Everything went well, thank the Lord. I was more than a little nervous but the Lord was there with us, which I am extremely thankful.

When we went back to recovery, Mickey had a air mask on her little face as she was sleeping. That was so hard to see. But I realized how thankful that I am that she was just in there for her teeth and not for anything any more serious. I can't imagine how my friend Melinda does it to see her little boy deal with all his heart problems. Please keep your Joseph in your prayers. He goes in for his 3rd open heart surgery on June 10th. Thanks!

Mickey wasn't herself yesterday. Who can blame her, she went through so much, but yet had no memory of what had happened. She was worn out and yet she didn't know why. Poor little girl. To top it off, our a/c people came yesterday afternoon and began work on our a/c. Which meant that we left the house and headed for a local hotel (one with a swimming pool, of course). Mickey loved the pool, although she hated the hotel room. She does not like hotel rooms very much. I think that it is so new and unfamiliar.

I am glad to report that we had a good night and we got some rest (although not as good as sleeping in our own bed). This morning Mickey and I got up and went to the swimming pool. She had a blast. Though she is still worn out from all the activities yesterday. We made it home this afternoon and we have a great air conditioner! Yay! Now we can face the summer heat. Today it is not hot, so we will have to wait to see how well it does in the next couple of days.

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