Tuesday, May 27, 2008


As parents, I think that we all keep in our closet a few secrets that we would rather not share with others. How long it took your child to sleep through the night, how they are not the perfect little angels all day long, how long it has been since you were able to give them a bath. Or my secret, that your child cusses.

Well sort of cusses. At least that is what it seems to me that my little angel is a cusser. Not like a sailor of course, but in her own way. Which is rather funny to me because Jeff and I do not cuss or use swear words. Mickey doesn't either, use swear words, but she does swear, I think.

We have hit that wonderful time in her life where the frustration gets the best of her and tantrums have hit. Oh my, who knew that this would try my patience so much! Lately when she gets frustrated, because she can't do what she wants, or I am not understanding her the way she thinks I should, or she just doesn't get it, tantrums hit. And it is a bit funny to me. She has started using the made up word "Bunkers" when she is frustrated. To me it sounds as if she is swearing. And this particular word is only used when she is frustrated or angry. Add to that she is throwing a tantrum on the floor, and at this point there is no reasoning with her. I usually have to ride it out until we get to the point where any thing that is said by me actually makes into her brain. While on the floor she is laying on her arms, tummy down. She is crying, "Help me, help me, I stuck". Yeah, you are stuck because you are laying on your arms! Then with a shriek "BUNKERS". Oh and forget it if I try to get her unstuck, it just makes the tantrums longer!

So that is my secret, my child is a cusser.

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