Friday, May 9, 2008

Uncle Dave or Grandma

When you have toddlers you tend to prepare them for coming events. I find that a little preparation goes a long way. So when I found out that my brother was coming for a visit, I starting preparing Mickey for her visit with Uncle Dave.

I have pictures of him and point to him and say that is your Uncle Dave. Mickey will repeat, Unca Dave. She can't say her l's to well. She will also point to his girlfriend and say Fora, or flower, and sometimes "Momma". She is a woman so she must be a momma, right?

Dave came last night and Mickey warmed up to her Uncle Dave quite nicely. Although, she completely forgot or more likely refused to say "hi Uncle Dave" as we worked on when we opened the door. But to my amazement I turned around and there she was sitting on his lap. She really liked him. This is my child who doesn't warm up to men period. She wants to be as far away from them as possible. I guess he just has the kid vibe.

Today, he spend the day with us before he headed out to my mom's. Mickey was very thrilled to have him over. She even paid him a little more attention than her Grammie Syl. She was quite interesting to observe. She was very interested him but she was whispering to him. I didn't know my child could whisper. She was sitting on his lap at times. She would go up and touch him on his leg. She even read to him.... or at least shared her books with him.

The funny thing is that when asked who he was, she would say "Grandma". When asked to go say hi to "uncle dave" she would make it over to him, but if she talked about him she would say "Grandma". I am not sure how he felt about that, since is a guy and definitely NOT a grandma. But I think that it is a sign of affection. I mean her grandma is a very important person in her life so when she transfered this over to her uncle Dave I think that she was saying that he was accepted.

Oh and by the way last night when he left, she did say, "Hi Unca Dave!".

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