Monday, May 12, 2008

Visit continues

Last night Flora came in from California and the return of Uncle Dave. This little girl really has taken to her Uncle Dave and Flora. Dave made us a yummy meal of grilled shrimp, flank steak salad and shrimp cerviche (no idea if that is spelled right). Mickey had to help Unca Dave in the kitchen and outside grilling. She continues to refer to him as Grandma, but knows that he Uncle Dave.

Flora came later in the evening, once her plane arrived. Once she came into our lives Mickey knocked Uncle Dave down a notch and had a new favorite in Flora. She sat with her, watched her every movement. She was just loving her time with Flora.

After they left to go back to my mom's, my dad called. You can tell what was important in Mickey mind that day. She doesn't say a whole lot on the phone but last night she did. She said one of her longest sentences to do date. "Grandma, Unca Dave, Flora, car, bye-bye". Boy that was a mouthful!

Oh and Mickey and Daddy made their famous strawberry shortcake for Grammie Syl for Mother's Day. It was quite the eventful day and we all slept well last night!

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