Monday, June 30, 2008

Homemade Bread

Have I told you that I love my KitchenAid Mixer?? I believe that I have. I know that I am in the minority and perfectly fine with receiving an appliance for my birthday. Jeff got a few lectures from his co-workers when they heard that this is what he got me. But my hubby knows me and got me the perfect gift.

Like my hubby I didn't realize how much you could do with this machine. I have been reading message boards on what you can do with it (didn't even know how many people were really into this thing). I have read that you can do pulled pork with it. (I am going to try it with roast).

So today I made fresh bread. I have a bread machine that is in the cabinet. I hadn't tried it once I moved to a dry climate, but I had problems with it all the humidity. So while reading my owner's manual (yes, I read every detail of all my owner's manuals), I found that I can make bread with this thing. So I just had to try.

I could not believe how easy it was! It mixes all the ingredients with no effort at all. I was a little intimidiated about the whole punching it down and rolling it out. But I did it with no problem. I baked it and it smells yummy. Going to wait for dinner tonight to see how it tastes... (besides the little nibble I took).

I am looking forward to seeing what else I can do with this new "appliance".

PS Blogger is having some problems so I will post the picture of the yummy bread soon....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Goings On with our Family

We have been staying busy in this summer heat. Thankfully it hasn't been as hot as the last few weeks have been. I am looking forward to the monsoon season, that will be a blessing. It seems that I have forgotten what rain feels like we seldom have it.

We have been going to the gym so that Mickey can run around and burn off that extra energy that she has stored up. I wish th
at I had some of her stored up energy so that I could get a few more things done around the house each day. Mickey just loves to run, jump, hang, climb and most importantly hang out with the other kids during our gym time. She has amazing balance and is able to walk the balance beam and jump on the trampoline with no problems whatsoever. I am debating on enrolling her in a tumble class in the fall. I need to make it over and "observe" a class to see if it is worth our money and time.

We have also been reading a lot. Now this is no more than usual... however we are now keeping track of what and how long we are reading, since Mickey is involved in the summer reading program in our local library. I really love our childrens' librarian, Sandy. She makes it so that every child can participate in the the programs. She is great! So Mickey is in the listener reading program and we are reading. This last week she received a ball for listening to 2 hours of reading time. And it doesn't matter that we are reading the same books over and over and over and over again. :)

I have been sewing lately. I have made Mickey 2 shirts, my second try was much better than my first. I have also been trying to sew a sundress for me. I think that I got it almost done, but feel self-conscios in it. Not sure if it came out right or not. I know when I get up the courage to take a picture of me in it you will let me know how I did. I am completely self taught with some pointers here and there from my mom.

Oh and did I tell you that I got my KitchenAid Mixer this week?! I have already made a homemade carrot cake. I also tried a quiche recipe today...let's see how I faired on that. It is really nice appliance that I look forward to using for a very long time. I am so excited and glad that I have it to use. It also has helped me in my arthritic hands. I can't do some things do to the great pain that I experience, but with this it has opened up new doors for me! Yay!

So that is what we have been up to these past few days. I am also working on the update for this month... can you believe that Mickey is 2 1/2. Boy where does the time go?!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sparky Meets the Pool

It is going to happen sooner or later, Sparky, just can't resist the call of the water. Daddy and Mickey were outside doing some choirs and we have a pool out back that is meant for the dogs, so they can cool off during our 100 + degree weather. Sparky must have seen the water and just couldn't resist going in for a swim since it is a dog pool it was meant for him too, right??

Daddy find Mickey all wet and enjoying herself in the pool with Sparky. It looked inviting so she jumped in clothes and all to have a great time. Sparky needed a bath and it was too late to do anything about it so we let her have her fun. She finished the evening off in her (clean) pool after the dip in the dog's pool. Which was followed by a nice warm bath for both Sparky and Mickey. At this point everything was great in the world of Mickey, but that was soon to change.

The change came when we had to take Sparky into the washer to spin all the water out of him and then put him in the dryer. My goodness I thought the world was going to end. And I think that it did for the time being for Mickey. She kept crying "Find him, what do I do?" Poor little girl. So instead of trying to reason with her (It wasn't working to good to reason) momma and Mickey went on a rescue mission. We decided to go searching for the lost dog. We searched all the rooms and under things, on top of things, in the middle of things in hopes we would find the lost dog Sparky. Soon, Daddy "found" the dry Sparky and put in our path so our little girl can be the hero and find her lost dog. She was so thrilled and overjoyed to be reunited with her loved one.

I am happy to report that Sparky now smells and looks ten times better and we are thrilled about that!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Me and two 2 1/2 year olds

So yesterday I told you that I watched my friend Katie's little boy. It was a good time that was had between the little guys. They played hard! They did pretty well up to that last hour. I think that they were both tired from going and going all morning. They are both pretty strong willed kids so that meant for interesting moments. It is fun to see their similarties since their birthday's are only a week apart. At the same time it is fun to see their differences. Nicholas is a very sport's oriented kid. Which surprises his mom and dad. Mickey is so into animals that it amazes me how much she loves and adores animals.

The only pics that I got was when we went swimming. I am glad that we had the pool set up so it kept them entertained for quite some time.

I am looking forward to meeting the newest member of Katie's family.... and looking forward to seeing what they name the little guy. I am happy for them and that everyone is doing well and that the new baby is healthy! And I survived two, 2 1/2 year olds!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prayers Please

My friend Katie is being checked in to the hospital this morning. They will be breaking her water in hopes that is all it will take for this baby to finally make an appearance. So please pray for her and the baby.

Also I am asking prayers for me. I will be taking care of her son, Nicholas, while mom, daddy and grandma are all at the hospital. So that I will mean that I will have 2, 2 1/2 year olds that sometimes get along and sometimes don't. For you parents that are moms of 2 or more this is old hat for you, for me, ummm not old hat. So please pray for patience, creativity and that these too will take a nap!


ETA: Just got a phone call and Katie had the baby last night. So I will be taking care of Nicholas today for a little bit. Giving some fun time before his world goes crazy as he will be making huge adjustments!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miracles do happen

I have told you that my little girl has been a trial to get to sleep. She wants and needs closeness. We moved her bed away from ours (a whole 16 inches). I wasn't sure we were going to get through the first week. But we are slowly settling in.

Lately I have been telling her that I need to "go and get something". Then I leave the room and let her settle into her bed for a little bit. Then Mickey has been telling me "Momma something" because she wants me to leave for a bit. I usually get called in after some time has passed.

Today, she told me her usual "momma something" and I needed a break so I told her okay and left. I turned on our video monitor and watched. She was very still. After about 15 minutes I went in and checked on her... and guess what?! She was asleep! All by herself! And no tantrums and it went smoothly! Yay! Maybe freedom is near?

Mickey's New Shirt

I told you earlier that I sewed Mickey a new shirt. It was fun making something from scratch. This was a real adventure for me. But I completed it and the fun part was the Mickey actually wore it. It is a bit short, mainly because I have a long daughter. But I wanted to share it with you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Early Birthday

Today is my birthday, but we celebrated it early since Jeff was off and my mom was in town. It is a little odd to celebrate your birthday early, but I had fun! I will be off my days for the week since we celebrated the day early and Jeff got 2 days off in a row! Amazing!

I started the day off right, with a shower. Sometimes it is difficult to get that shower in early in the day and I wait until evening. But that day I got the day off with a shower. Paradise. Then we went out to breakfast at I-Hop. We had a yummy breakfast and Mickey even did great eating out. The whole experience is usually pretty overwhelming for her.

Next we went swimming. it has been pretty hot here, so the nice cool water was refreshing. We even got in free. I think that we misunderstood and the "free swimming" meant free rather than just a free swim time. So that was an extra blessing.

Then it was time for gifts. I now have some $$ to put towards a new camera bag. Yay!! Let's see which one I will get and when I will get it. Jeff also got me a mixer for my kitchen. I have been eying this one for YEARS now. I actually thought my mom or brother would get one before I did. So I am really excited. It isn't here yet, but it is on it's way. And of course I got a I-tunes gift card to get some music. Yay! I have some music that I have been thinking about getting and now I can.

Then it was time for dinner time. My mom made me my favorite meal... Homemade tacos. What a treat, hers are the best. I do try my hardest to make them myself (and I think that I do a pretty good job, but nothing ever compares to your mom's. Then we had cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. I was wanting to use the coupon I got from Barnes and Noble but they had sold out of them... but Jeff saved the day and found the same brand at Sam's. Yay! It is just too darn hot to cook something like a cheesecake in my house right now.

So all in all I have had a good day! I also got a card from someone who will remain anonymous & doesn't read this blog. I got a good laugh out of the card and found it quite entertaining. You see I have gotten the SAME card from the SAME person for the last 7 years. I think that they stocked up on them. It was just too funny. Hmmm... I wonder what card I will get next year (probably the same one). He he....

Birthday's are good, even if it does mean you are older. But surprisingly this birthday was not bad mentally as when I turned 30. I guess that means I am getting better with age, right?

Will post pictures soon. I currently have a/c men in my house and I don't have time to get them web friendly.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dusting off the blog

It has been a little while since I posted .... not sure why, other than life of trying to get Mickey back on her sleep schedule, being exhausted and mainly just life. I sure you know how that goes.

We have been staying busy. Last week we decided that we would try swimming lessons or more true to the class water appreciation classes. We did so good we made it 3 days out of 10. Yeah, we didn't do that great at it. I was trying to get Mickey back on her sleep schedule and that meant we were getting up later in the mornings and trying to get a happy toddler in a cooler pool at 9 am was just not happening. When we did go we had a blast and Mickey fully appreciates water. We did however, fill up out kiddie pool outside and have been enjoying that to the fullest extent possible. Mickey will now strip down and look at me and say "swimming suit". So we put it on and off to the great outdoors we go.

We are making strides in our quest to be potty trained. My child loves to go potty in privacy. Don't we all?? She loves to be in the bathroom if anyone else is going potty, but for her privacy is a much needed avenue. She will just sit and sit and sit on that potty (naked of course) and just enjoy her time. How we all enjoy our privacy time.

We are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of our friend Ms. Katie's baby. She was due on Tuesday and to date there is no baby arriving. But I keep telling her that the baby will be born someday (and in the near future) when the baby is ready to make an appearance. And speaking of Katie she was telling me that she thought that Mickey grew again... not believing her we measured her. Guess what?! Mickey grew at least a half inch and most likely one full inch. We have a tall girl on our hands.

I have also dusted off my sewing machine. I made Mickey a pretty cool shirt. Now we have to see when she will put it one. But I think that once she does we will have a winner. Mickey has wanted to help as I sewed her shirt. I am not sure what she thinks I am doing, but she is enjoying herself. Which I think is all that matters, Momma and Mickey bonding time.

I think that a miracle just might happen. Jeff has Sunday and wait, Monday off. Yay! So we are going to celebrate my birthday early with my mom. Which will be fun. Mickey will love having her grandma around. Oh and speaking of Grandma's.... Uncle Dave, aka Grandma Dave, has been on Mickey's mind. She will tell me every so often that Uncle Dave is at work. One day I asked her where Uncle Dave was and she responded.. in the picture.

Also Joseph our heart baby friend... has had his 3rd open heart surgery and seems to be on the mend. He does continue to need our prayers. He is having some side effects from coming off the morphine and they learned this morning that he has gallstones. He is a fighter but he is not out of the woods yet. So please be praying for my friend.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Clothes Optional

At least that is what Mickey thinks at this time of her life. She is slowly getting the hang of going to the potty. It is not every time but she is getting more and more in the potty. The only thing is that she thinks that she has to be completely naked most of the day. She gets her shirt dirty so she takes it off. Then she has to go potty so off comes her diaper and her shorts and off she runs to the potty. But when she is off the potty she just wants that diaper and nothing else. I swear I try to put clothes on this child but more and more I am looking up to find a totally naked child. Will she ever wear clothes again?! She does not take off her clothes when out in public, so that is a good thing.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Visit to Grandma's

Mickey and I went to visit Grandma this weekend. We went to see the rodeo, to catch up with friends, get my hair cut, and most importantly spend time with Grammie Syl. We had a blast and are exhausted. Let's see if I can summarize the visit...

1. Rodeo -- We went to see the horses, cows, sheep, and of course the cowboys at the rodeo. It was a blast. Mickey insisted on walking and walking and walking. I got her a cowboy hat that she proudly wears and occasionally takes and yells "Hee Haw". She mooed at a cow and the cow mooed back. FUN!

2. Visiting -- We got to visit with my friends. Our first visit was with Bev. She and her son Ryan met up with us at the park. Ryan was great with Mickey and they even had a blast on the tire swing. Bev helped me take Mickey down the slide as she was the one to catch Mickey on the way down. Then we visited with Barry. I was surprised on how quickly Mickey warmed up to Barry. Before I knew it she was sitting on his lap and getting rather comfortable. She sat near him the entire visit! Then when he was leaving she said "Bye Sweetie". Sorry no pictures were taken from either visit. UGH! Can you believe that I got so wrapped up with both these visits just being in the moment that I forgot to capture it?!

3. Hair cut -- I went back to John and he fixed up my hair and can you believe that it is shorter than before?! But I love it. During this visit to get my hair cut I ran into another friend, Irene. She was waiting to get her hair styled, I think. It was so good to see her. She is a sweet soul!

4. Grammie Syl -- Mickey just loves spending time with her Grammie Syl. She loved exploring her house and getting it childproof and reorganized. She would sit and mimic everything that Grammie Syl did. Especially drinking coffee. First thing in the morning, Grammie gets her coffee ready. Mickey thinks this is fun and mandatory that she get some too. She also found herself her special chair where she would drink her coffee on. She had her special coffee mug and filled with her version of coffee (Chocolate milk) and be as happy as can be!

5. Boxes -- We cannot mention this visit without mentioning the CAT. Boxes is a old cat about 16 years old. And when this particular cat got old she got cranky. But Mickey is in love with cats. So she decided she was going to be one. We would find her on all fours crawling around the house and meowing just like boxes. She would get up first thing in the morning and ask for her. They had a love hate relationship. They would be near each other just meowing away. Boxes wanted her food and Mickey wasn't about to share her strawberry shortcake with her so she ate as fast as she could. When asked what type of cat Boxes is... she would answer "MEAN CAT".

So we had a great trip to grandma's house. We are exhausted and started swim lessons today. Boy are we going to sleep well tonight.


Please be in prayer for little Joseph, his 3rd open heart surgery is on June 10th. I stated before that you can view his carepage that will let you know how he is doing. But I gave wrong info on how to access it. You can go to and use his FULL Name JosephEdwinLopezTavares.

I will keep you updated!