Friday, June 13, 2008

Dusting off the blog

It has been a little while since I posted .... not sure why, other than life of trying to get Mickey back on her sleep schedule, being exhausted and mainly just life. I sure you know how that goes.

We have been staying busy. Last week we decided that we would try swimming lessons or more true to the class water appreciation classes. We did so good we made it 3 days out of 10. Yeah, we didn't do that great at it. I was trying to get Mickey back on her sleep schedule and that meant we were getting up later in the mornings and trying to get a happy toddler in a cooler pool at 9 am was just not happening. When we did go we had a blast and Mickey fully appreciates water. We did however, fill up out kiddie pool outside and have been enjoying that to the fullest extent possible. Mickey will now strip down and look at me and say "swimming suit". So we put it on and off to the great outdoors we go.

We are making strides in our quest to be potty trained. My child loves to go potty in privacy. Don't we all?? She loves to be in the bathroom if anyone else is going potty, but for her privacy is a much needed avenue. She will just sit and sit and sit on that potty (naked of course) and just enjoy her time. How we all enjoy our privacy time.

We are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of our friend Ms. Katie's baby. She was due on Tuesday and to date there is no baby arriving. But I keep telling her that the baby will be born someday (and in the near future) when the baby is ready to make an appearance. And speaking of Katie she was telling me that she thought that Mickey grew again... not believing her we measured her. Guess what?! Mickey grew at least a half inch and most likely one full inch. We have a tall girl on our hands.

I have also dusted off my sewing machine. I made Mickey a pretty cool shirt. Now we have to see when she will put it one. But I think that once she does we will have a winner. Mickey has wanted to help as I sewed her shirt. I am not sure what she thinks I am doing, but she is enjoying herself. Which I think is all that matters, Momma and Mickey bonding time.

I think that a miracle just might happen. Jeff has Sunday and wait, Monday off. Yay! So we are going to celebrate my birthday early with my mom. Which will be fun. Mickey will love having her grandma around. Oh and speaking of Grandma's.... Uncle Dave, aka Grandma Dave, has been on Mickey's mind. She will tell me every so often that Uncle Dave is at work. One day I asked her where Uncle Dave was and she responded.. in the picture.

Also Joseph our heart baby friend... has had his 3rd open heart surgery and seems to be on the mend. He does continue to need our prayers. He is having some side effects from coming off the morphine and they learned this morning that he has gallstones. He is a fighter but he is not out of the woods yet. So please be praying for my friend.

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