Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miracles do happen

I have told you that my little girl has been a trial to get to sleep. She wants and needs closeness. We moved her bed away from ours (a whole 16 inches). I wasn't sure we were going to get through the first week. But we are slowly settling in.

Lately I have been telling her that I need to "go and get something". Then I leave the room and let her settle into her bed for a little bit. Then Mickey has been telling me "Momma something" because she wants me to leave for a bit. I usually get called in after some time has passed.

Today, she told me her usual "momma something" and I needed a break so I told her okay and left. I turned on our video monitor and watched. She was very still. After about 15 minutes I went in and checked on her... and guess what?! She was asleep! All by herself! And no tantrums and it went smoothly! Yay! Maybe freedom is near?

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