Monday, June 23, 2008

Sparky Meets the Pool

It is going to happen sooner or later, Sparky, just can't resist the call of the water. Daddy and Mickey were outside doing some choirs and we have a pool out back that is meant for the dogs, so they can cool off during our 100 + degree weather. Sparky must have seen the water and just couldn't resist going in for a swim since it is a dog pool it was meant for him too, right??

Daddy find Mickey all wet and enjoying herself in the pool with Sparky. It looked inviting so she jumped in clothes and all to have a great time. Sparky needed a bath and it was too late to do anything about it so we let her have her fun. She finished the evening off in her (clean) pool after the dip in the dog's pool. Which was followed by a nice warm bath for both Sparky and Mickey. At this point everything was great in the world of Mickey, but that was soon to change.

The change came when we had to take Sparky into the washer to spin all the water out of him and then put him in the dryer. My goodness I thought the world was going to end. And I think that it did for the time being for Mickey. She kept crying "Find him, what do I do?" Poor little girl. So instead of trying to reason with her (It wasn't working to good to reason) momma and Mickey went on a rescue mission. We decided to go searching for the lost dog. We searched all the rooms and under things, on top of things, in the middle of things in hopes we would find the lost dog Sparky. Soon, Daddy "found" the dry Sparky and put in our path so our little girl can be the hero and find her lost dog. She was so thrilled and overjoyed to be reunited with her loved one.

I am happy to report that Sparky now smells and looks ten times better and we are thrilled about that!!!!


  1. What a cute story! Very creative problem solving!!

  2. What a cute story!! Love the second picture of her holding Sparky and smiling!! She is so adorable!!