Monday, June 2, 2008

A Visit to Grandma's

Mickey and I went to visit Grandma this weekend. We went to see the rodeo, to catch up with friends, get my hair cut, and most importantly spend time with Grammie Syl. We had a blast and are exhausted. Let's see if I can summarize the visit...

1. Rodeo -- We went to see the horses, cows, sheep, and of course the cowboys at the rodeo. It was a blast. Mickey insisted on walking and walking and walking. I got her a cowboy hat that she proudly wears and occasionally takes and yells "Hee Haw". She mooed at a cow and the cow mooed back. FUN!

2. Visiting -- We got to visit with my friends. Our first visit was with Bev. She and her son Ryan met up with us at the park. Ryan was great with Mickey and they even had a blast on the tire swing. Bev helped me take Mickey down the slide as she was the one to catch Mickey on the way down. Then we visited with Barry. I was surprised on how quickly Mickey warmed up to Barry. Before I knew it she was sitting on his lap and getting rather comfortable. She sat near him the entire visit! Then when he was leaving she said "Bye Sweetie". Sorry no pictures were taken from either visit. UGH! Can you believe that I got so wrapped up with both these visits just being in the moment that I forgot to capture it?!

3. Hair cut -- I went back to John and he fixed up my hair and can you believe that it is shorter than before?! But I love it. During this visit to get my hair cut I ran into another friend, Irene. She was waiting to get her hair styled, I think. It was so good to see her. She is a sweet soul!

4. Grammie Syl -- Mickey just loves spending time with her Grammie Syl. She loved exploring her house and getting it childproof and reorganized. She would sit and mimic everything that Grammie Syl did. Especially drinking coffee. First thing in the morning, Grammie gets her coffee ready. Mickey thinks this is fun and mandatory that she get some too. She also found herself her special chair where she would drink her coffee on. She had her special coffee mug and filled with her version of coffee (Chocolate milk) and be as happy as can be!

5. Boxes -- We cannot mention this visit without mentioning the CAT. Boxes is a old cat about 16 years old. And when this particular cat got old she got cranky. But Mickey is in love with cats. So she decided she was going to be one. We would find her on all fours crawling around the house and meowing just like boxes. She would get up first thing in the morning and ask for her. They had a love hate relationship. They would be near each other just meowing away. Boxes wanted her food and Mickey wasn't about to share her strawberry shortcake with her so she ate as fast as she could. When asked what type of cat Boxes is... she would answer "MEAN CAT".

So we had a great trip to grandma's house. We are exhausted and started swim lessons today. Boy are we going to sleep well tonight.

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