Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cheese Mouse Pizza

We decided last night that we would go to Chuck E Cheese and see how it would be. We had a great time. Mickey just loved investigating all the fun things to do. Although most of it was a little too old for her. Although that didn't stop us from having fun. We played the games and Jeff even got in on the fun when he tried to ride the bike. We were not really sure what it was supposed to do but Mickey got a kick out of it.

Then we ate the pizza. Mickey loves Parmesan on her pizza. I think that she likes the parmesan cheese more than the actual pizza. If we decide to go again we will probably skip on the pizza and try something else on the menu. We like our normal take out pizza place and nothing compares.

Mickey loved meeting her new friend in Chuck. This was the first time that she wasn't afraid of the giant character. It took her a little bit to warm up to him but she did and had a blast singing songs with him. Who needs the games when you have a giant mouse and music?

You will have stay tuned to see what the prize for our many tickets was. It was a great hit and it has momma wondering where she can find some more...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Boys and Girls

We have been enjoying the rain lately. We were invited to go to the park for a birthday party. Thankfully the rain did not rain out the party, but it made if for a real interesting party. You see the difference between Mickey's friends who happen to be boys and Mickey is mud and smells.

The rain in the desert makes smells come to life. I love the rain in the desert. So when we went to the party at the park where there are pine trees. The smell was a little too strong for my child. She held her nose and kept telling me that it was time to go bye-bye. Poor thing the smell was just too much.

Now the boys they were a whole different story. There was a puddle of mud nearby. It was just too much to resist. Mud has a certain calling for a boy that sometimes the girls just don't get. Nicholas was in the mud before we could think twice. Oh and the fun that he had. Geronimo was drawn to the mud to. But he was up against the mud. He decided mud jumping was the way to go.

On a side note, I am getting Mickey in more dresses lately. Not sure what has changed, but I am going with the flow. I enjoy seeing my little girly girl from time to time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Did she or did she not?

The big question is whether or not Mickey decided to go for night 2 in her room. And I am happy to let you know that she did insist on sleeping in her room. She did really well too. She got up and wanted me to lay with her once during the night. But she spent the entire night in there. I am so proud of her.

Now I am trying to make the transition smooth and complete. I am moving things that we no longer need in our room and move it hers. This is helping me get all the clutter out of my life, or at least a small portion of it. Now in the next couple of days I am going to have to tackle that dreaded office space and see if I can move mountains in there.

So if anyone knows how to make a pack rat like myself become a tosser, let me know. I need all the help I can get!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Success!

Now let me begin this post by saying I didn't get a whole lot of sleep and it wasn't because of Mickey. I decided to made some tea yesterday and drank a good portion of it and the caffeine kept me awake.

Mickey stirred sometime in the middle of the night and I went in and patted her back. Then I left and was able to finally sleep. Then at 4:45 this morning she woke up and realized that she wasn't in the room with her momma. I met her in the kitchen and layed with her in my bed. Then Daddy was wonderful and went to get her Pooh pillow and her blanket. She drank some water and went to sleep in her bed in momma's room.

I got a few hours of sleep and am tired this morning. But Mikaylin is very proud of herself. I asked her if she slept in her OWN ROOM last night. She has a huge smile and says "Yesie". I asked her if she is going to sleep in there tonight? She says, "Yesie".

Only time will tell if she is serious about making this move into her room. I know that I just need to stay away from caffeine no matter what time of day I drink it. For some unknown reason to me caffeine is now affecting me in ways that it didn't use to and realizing that I am not enjoying it. And it will make nights like last night go a lot quicker when you are not trying to fall asleep all night long!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I thought I had more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been telling you about our transition into Mickey's own room. And I have I have been terribly excited about our progress. Well tonight Mickey decided that when bedtime came she wanted to sleep in HER BED, in HER ROOM. I tried to gently guide her back into "momma's room" tonight, because I was simply not prepared to do this tonight.

Mickey would have no part in it. She insisted in going to HER ROOM to HER BED. So I did what any parent would do when their child is trying to grow up before they are "ready", I let her. Half convinced that she would realize what she was doing and insist to go back to momma's room. But my child did no such thing. She went to sleep and is asleep as we speak.

So I have spent the last 30 or so minutes trying to figure out what to do. I hunted down that monitor that I have NEVER used and am crossing my fingers that it works. I am trying to figure out what lights in our living room to keep on so that she can find her way to my room if she needs to. I am also trying to calm my heart and realize that everything is going to be okay. It is not like she is moving out and going to college right now. She is just across the house.

Sigh. I really thought I had more time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mickey's Room

I have been waiting to post this since I didn't want to jinx myself. But I do have some good news to report. Mickey is officially taking all her naps in her bedroom. This is a great achievement in our house! I know that some kiddos her age have been in their own rooms for quite some time but Mickey has never been a pace setter for sleeping accomplishments. Besides that first day of having to coax her into her room she now readily goes to her room and lays down. I lay with her and then go and do my own thing once she is asleep. At first when she woke up in her room she wasn't sure where she was and would be a little bit frightened, but that has passed and now she knows that she is in Mickey's room. We are also spending loads of time playing in her room. She insists on playing in there so that has been a nice change for our living room. Our living room isn't the wreck it once was since we have all those toys easily contained in her room. So I am taking time today to count my small blessings. Soon she will be in her room all the time... whatever will I do???

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Watching You

Lately I have been hearing myself .... through the mouth of Mickey. Sometimes it is sweet and sometimes not so sweet. I can completly understand now all the warnings of what to say and what not to say in front of your child.

Sweet Examples:

"hi sweetie"
"Love you, momma"
"sleep good?"

Not so sweet examples:
"Don't touch that!" Said in a stern voice
"child" Said when she is frustrated
"Just go to sleep" When I lay her down for her nap.
"On your bed" Talking to the dogs when they are off their bed
Mickey not only copies the words, but the tone that it is said in, and the facial expressions and hand movements I do. It is really like having a video camera on you 24/7. It makes me reevaluate whether some things that I say need to be said and what other things that I should be saying. Since I have a little girl who is watching me 24/7 and wants to act just like me.

Lord, help me be an example worth following, especially on those moments and times that I am at my wits end.

Rodney Atkins: Watching You
Here is a music video that shows what I mean:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mickey asleep in her room

I have been talking to Mickey about this being her room and that she can sleep in there if she wanted. So for naptime today I asked her if she wanted to sleep in Mickey's bed in her room. She said yes and quickly changed her mind. I was retrieving stuff from her room to take back to my room when she suddenly came back and decided she would go to sleep in there. So I laid down with her and she went to sleep. Yay! A step in the right direction. We have been spending a lot of time in there so that is making it more desirable place for her.

Swimming Lessons a Bust

We are experiencing rain in our neck of the woods. LOVING IT! It is a nice break to the extreme heat we were having. The only thing is that we can't go to swimming lessons when 1) it is raining and 2) the pool is outside and not heated. So we have gone once this week. UGH. Not what I wanted to happen. Sigh. Maybe we will have a better go of it next week. Let's see what happens.

I organized and rearranged Mickey's room the last two days. It is much more roomier and a lot less cluttered. Now if I can just do it to the rest of my house. This is in hopes that someday soon we can move Mickey's bed out of our bedroom and into her own. I am not sure how it will go but I have hope, not high hope but hope nonetheless. She really likes her room but not sure how she will feel once we move her bed. And, am I ready? I have the convenience of having her right there so if she needs me I don't have to walk clear across the house. She is in her own bed, yet I feel that she needs her own room. Or do I just need my room back?? I don't know.

I have tried another bread recipe and it turned out better. Making bread is quite fun. Who knew I could have so much fun in the kitchen???

Saturday, July 5, 2008


My mom had a dream come true, she saw the Commodores in concert. But she had an extra bonus,she got to meet them. They autographed her album and she also got an autographed picture. Then during the concert she was so close to the stage that she could touch it. Talk about a dream coming true. To truly grasp the significance think of your favorite group and imagine meeting them. Now triple it and you have my mom. Here is a montage of her night. Hope you enjoy it as much as she did.