Monday, July 28, 2008

Boys and Girls

We have been enjoying the rain lately. We were invited to go to the park for a birthday party. Thankfully the rain did not rain out the party, but it made if for a real interesting party. You see the difference between Mickey's friends who happen to be boys and Mickey is mud and smells.

The rain in the desert makes smells come to life. I love the rain in the desert. So when we went to the party at the park where there are pine trees. The smell was a little too strong for my child. She held her nose and kept telling me that it was time to go bye-bye. Poor thing the smell was just too much.

Now the boys they were a whole different story. There was a puddle of mud nearby. It was just too much to resist. Mud has a certain calling for a boy that sometimes the girls just don't get. Nicholas was in the mud before we could think twice. Oh and the fun that he had. Geronimo was drawn to the mud to. But he was up against the mud. He decided mud jumping was the way to go.

On a side note, I am getting Mickey in more dresses lately. Not sure what has changed, but I am going with the flow. I enjoy seeing my little girly girl from time to time.

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  1. If Isaac would have been there he would have been the leader of the pack!! Though Julia is a girly girl, she may have just followed big brother in to the puddles. She likes to do whatever he is doing!! Looks like you all had a messy, fun day with friends.