Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Success!

Now let me begin this post by saying I didn't get a whole lot of sleep and it wasn't because of Mickey. I decided to made some tea yesterday and drank a good portion of it and the caffeine kept me awake.

Mickey stirred sometime in the middle of the night and I went in and patted her back. Then I left and was able to finally sleep. Then at 4:45 this morning she woke up and realized that she wasn't in the room with her momma. I met her in the kitchen and layed with her in my bed. Then Daddy was wonderful and went to get her Pooh pillow and her blanket. She drank some water and went to sleep in her bed in momma's room.

I got a few hours of sleep and am tired this morning. But Mikaylin is very proud of herself. I asked her if she slept in her OWN ROOM last night. She has a huge smile and says "Yesie". I asked her if she is going to sleep in there tonight? She says, "Yesie".

Only time will tell if she is serious about making this move into her room. I know that I just need to stay away from caffeine no matter what time of day I drink it. For some unknown reason to me caffeine is now affecting me in ways that it didn't use to and realizing that I am not enjoying it. And it will make nights like last night go a lot quicker when you are not trying to fall asleep all night long!

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