Saturday, August 23, 2008

Childhood Memories

When I was six years old my family moved to Arizona. During that move I became friends with Teddy. Teddy and I became quick friends knowing the simple language of childhood. We would spend hours on my swing set and playing simple games that would only entertain youngsters. Never did it occur to me that he should have been different because he was a lot older than me. I think that he was probably 13 or maybe a little older and he had Down Syndrome. It didn't matter, what mattered was he was my friend.

I moved from there when I was 8. What I took with me was a deep love for people that had Down Syndrome. I also took with me a deep respect for the parents that love and honor their children, even if society doesn't always do the same.

Yesterday I watched a slide show from one of the ladies that I see on the Photography for families. I have seen the picture of her child and his eyes that just shine with joy many times. When I watched the slide show I had tears running down my face. So I asked her if I could share it with you, and she said yes. She has a photography blog that you might like to visit to read more about her beautiful son, see her amazing pictures. Click here to visit... I have also learned that October is Down Syndrome awareness month.

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